having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

the crimson side of me November 14, 2006


love animals – unless they are arthropods.

voracious appetite for books when i am not hysterical.

music keeps me sane.

obsessive compulsive.

terrified of the dark.

cam-trigger happy.

can be anal about grammar/punctuation/spelling (my own, mostly).

chocolates, oh, chocolates.


13 Responses to “the crimson side of me”

  1. royaljerry Says:

    I like your blog too. 🙂 Unfortunately I write mine in Hungarian.

  2. goody Says:

    hi! just stumbled across your blog and liked reading 🙂
    very well-written interesting articles..

  3. vkilla Says:

    What does devotchka mean to you?

  4. Sheela Says:

    dali dali daliiiii 😀
    i found your blog!
    now i have more excuses to not start work.
    we are definitely meeting up soon – i can’t believe you are married!!!

  5. dali Says:

    ha ha, sheela! i know, i know, i KNOW! more over email …

  6. your hubby Says:

    i LOVE u dali

  7. dali Says:

    awww, sayang, that’s so sweet!
    are you high?

  8. Zulkifli Says:

    hello everyone, selamat sejasterah, [ejaan betul tak?]

    my name is zulkifli, from JB, and i want to proclaim my lerf and undying devotion pada wanita ini kerana dia telah mencuri hatiku.
    i want to take her back to JB denganku, so that she can masak nasi padang for me everyday when i balik rumah dari kerja dekat stesen petrol.

    until dis moment, our lerf has been a rahsia – you see, my little ketupat was forced into another perkahwinan. but aku tahu dia truly lerf me, and i will tunggu her setiap hari hingga dia pulang ke lenganku [correct right?! lengan… not tangan…]

    sayangs & ciums,
    zulkifli [dari JB]

  9. dali Says:

    eh, zul, apa lu buat kat sini, ah? aku kan dah bilang, aku sekarang isteri orang, jangan kacau, kan?! tsk, tsk.

  10. Are you really fascinated by russian. I am fascinated by Indian women.
    I got excited until I realized you were married. Not to put you off. You are after my own heart. All the best.

  11. Good lord, you are not an Indian, I feel like a moron. I am a russian atheistic Jew. You have a perfect NE USA phraseology, I got confused. All the best nevertheless.

  12. Werner Says:

    I just got your Postcrossing-Card. I like it very much, it is maritime enough 😉
    I live in northern German, married for 35 years now (and still happy), we have 3 children and 4 granddaughters.
    I am working in a casino and my hobbies are lighthouses and geocaching.
    We have never been to Singapore but we plan to go there.
    Where in Singapore do you live, can you show me at googleMaps?
    Here is something about me:


    I would be glad to get mail from you.

    Best wishes from Germany


  13. Ravi Says:

    hello….no more story huh!!!


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