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hit schmits from this week April 5, 2008

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“hey! this is what i like to step on!”

– the husband, on the escargot i was about to devour

sampai masuk dalam-dalam, sial!” (… until all the way inside!)

– the husband, on the lady sitting beside me in the train – who was cleaning out her nasal cavity with the long nail on her pinkie finger, looking very, very, very, satisfied

“NEVER? NEVER? come, next week, i’ll give you a history lesson at Labrador Park”

– the granduncle, amazed that a Singaporean has never been to Labrador Park. this is the same granduncle who insisted on bringing me to Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve so i can shed my jakun skin

“this is not for a part-time degree…”

– the lecturer, insinuating that all the t-test scores we’ve been working on (by hand) are for nought

“i will not fly with faulty instruments”

– the boss, frustrated in a 4-hr long meeting

“somebody kill me please”

– me, singing aloud to the tune of Adam Sandler’s “Somebody Kill Me Please” in the office on Thursday when it became apparent my 2 hands were not enough for everything falling into my lap


– me, to Ravi, when he tried to smack me out of a delicious evening nap so i could finish my essay on time and submit before the deadline. i didn’t.

“can’t you fucking drown somewhere else?”

– me, to the dead ant in my glass of water

and that’s when i knew, i really need a bloody break.


10 Responses to “hit schmits from this week”

  1. maybebaby Says:


  2. PT Says:

    Hi there, I miss your Middle East scribbles. I’m Singaporean and discovered your blog when you were living there and somehow, your writing just resonated with me.

    Singapore really does have it’s way of catching people up into the rat race and wringing them screwy but it’s all strangely difficult to walk away from once you’re in it.

    Well, I hope fairness comes your way at work so you can write at leisure again!

  3. dali Says:

    may > yes, i do need a holiday to WEHAVETOPAYTAXESOFTWOHUNDREDFORTYDOLLARSPERDAYPERPERSON-BHUTAN. by the way! found out that actually $240 is the minimum daily tariff of the tours there – not additional taxes. but still, it’s sehr expensive! πŸ™‚

    Pauline > aww, thanks a lot. really didn’t think anyone read my blog anymore now that i don’t have time to read or write! i’ll try to write more πŸ™‚

  4. di Says:

    β€œhey! this is what i like to step on!”

    – the husband, on the escargot i was about to devour

    sungguh sungguh kelakar… i js realised sumtin..girl u n me macam suka makan e same benda lols…

    oi u busy studying not!

  5. dali Says:

    di > then mesti you suka Ma Maison! escaaaargoooooot, slurp! they also have paellas, SEDAP GILA BABI! erm, to be quite honest, i haven’t really been studying, been falling asleep all over the place. sooooo exhausted, mak ai!

  6. di Says:

    eh eh i suka escargot tau!!! esp those baked in garlic and butter oooh la laaaa..e last i tried em ws at oaks..cant wait to eat em again..

    babe samalah im tryin to action baca my stupid notes bt satu benda haram pun tak masuk ah…mampos!!!

    anw nad is goin pulau besar this weekend wit mr boo frm kl so let’s wait for her verdict on e place… πŸ˜› oh yeah u can leave comments now on my site..my floober chatterbox is up again yay!!

  7. dali Says:

    di > ok, May 09th, we go to Ma Maison for escargot baked in garlic and butter. then we soak up all the minyak imbued with garlic with bread, then let the bread melt on our tongues. then roll eyes to the back of our heads. ha ha!

    so LUCKY! gua pun mau holiday! i wanna go to Phuket where the water’s so brooooo.

    aku pun – i do EVERYTHING else but belajar. then when want to belajar, the construction of the lifts begins, the karang gunis keep coming back with their horns AND THE MATS, OMG, DON’T LET ME BEGIN ON MY HATRED OF MATS AND THEIR SCRAMBLERS BAWAH BLOK.

  8. di Says:

    welcome to the infamous life of the heartlands aka HDBs lol. i noe sometimes i feel like clamping a stick or something through the mats’ scramblers wen they park at e carpark so in e morn wen they wan to vroom vroom their life away, tercampak mereka from their motor..bloody morons.. or i cld js campak telor busok out of my window when they pass by la. dun even let me get started on e mat kfcs or macdonalds my God, u noe e kapchais make equally horrendous noises.

    babe i realised my cousin’s wedding kan yg i say.. is not on apr 9 la. she came to my house yest to give out e wedding cards n i ws like eh i thought u getting married early may, she said bila masa lol..she’s only gettin married on e 20 something of may so im freeeeeeeeeee…i can actually celebrate aft my papers wooohooooo!!! aku kental.

    alrighty try to concentrate..i shall stop blog hopping n go back to my revisions ERGH.

  9. Direction Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation πŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Direction.

  10. Whatever Says:


    Could you please update your blog? It has been forever since u did. I love reading your blog. So, don’t stop ok.

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