having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

on a Good Friday March 21, 2008

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It’s midnight and I’ve just realized that the past 9 hours has been spent reading and understanding (haha!) empirical data and opinions relevant to my topic of choice. I haven’t even started my essay and I know I am screwed. Ravi laughed hysterically when I said I’m gonna sleep soon and get up at 0730 to continue.

Out of those 9 hours, I’d spent 90 minutes on repeated pseudo-cardiovascular walks to the refrigerator and back to the dining table which has been converted into a craze of

  1. used tissue paper,
  2. empty Essence of Chicken bottles,
  3. chocolate wrappers,
  4. waxy earplugs to shut out happy, screaming kids at the playground and stupid Mats and their stupid bikes,
  5. a notebook adapter sprawled across the table annoyingly like a foreign hair across my laksa,
  6. books that make me appear smart (e.g. The Psychology of Gender, Evolution and Social Psychology – both serving as effective paperweights),
  7. my 15 year old Oxford dictionary which I love flipping right under my nostrils for a high that rivals 60% dark chocolate,
  8.  out-of-ink highlighters which I hope would magically refill themselves if I leave them on the table long enough, and
  9.  dead ant carcasses.

I’d be reading something that sounds like “Gender theorists stress how girls’ development gives-” and then an ant crosses my reading path. Squish! “-primacy to communion.” Today, I’ve killed about 15 ants, some manic, zigzagging across my notes, filled with the paranoia of being squished while others strolled leisurely to their deaths.

I’ve stopped cooking, don’t know where these ants come from.

Sheela mentioned she has to write 30,000 words for her thesis and that she’s just finished her 2nd chapter. I should just shrink and shrivel up into a conch. I bet one of her chapters is far longer than my essay on sex differences. While I’m in the conch, I’d love to float away to Bora-Bora. Or any Polynesian island with brown-leathered hunks, seafood, chocolate, vanilla and coconuts. Please.

I enjoy pre-writing hours, especially when I’m reading literature that attempts to explain why some men are pigs and some women whiny shits. I especially love going to the Lee Kong Chian Reference Library at Bugis. The clinical smell of regularly shampoo-ed carpets, the straight backs of librarians behind the counters and shelves and shelves and shelves of books! I’ve a thing for shelves.

They really should ban flip-flops in the reference library. Nothing more distracting than listening to piak! piak! –pause- piak! piak! –pause- piak! piak! piak! piak! piak! in the silence of the library. I also don’t understand how some girls can wear hot pants with woolly sweaters in sub-zero library temperatures. Their genes must have evolved to involve widespread numbing of sensation in their legs (which would be nice when it gets so cold, my nose drips a monsoon). A side effect must also include auditory impairment, since they can’t hear how loud their flip flops can get. That’s what flip flops do, right?

They flip, and they flop. Flop flop.



5 Responses to “on a Good Friday”

  1. maybebabe Says:

    lol. i suddenly remembered the luminous pink tablets i took that were from your mum. to be honest i didnt know i was swallowing into my system. but even after 3 nights with only an hour’s sleep each I was a hyperactive bunny. weeeeeeeee! happy drugs!

  2. dali Says:

    yes, those were some kind of magic pills. they were oren lah, not pink.

    my doctor reeeeefuses to give em to me now, he said, “yes, yes, i have a suggestion – if you want more energy, amphetamines.”

    he was joking, of course.

    he told me to try squeezing in 30 minutes of exercise everyday instead.

    i was hoping this was a joke.

    but it wasn’t, of course. i wanted to spit “sometimes i don’t even have time to sh*t!” JUST GIVE THOSE ORANGE MAGIC PILLS TO ME!

    but a ha, i found a magic root = ginseng 🙂 it really works!

  3. maybebabe Says:

    err. ginseng’s for old women.

    hehhehe…i’m sure ginseng’s good. i think there’s something called guarana which has three times the caffeine of coffee which might be good too. actually, if you have Supradyn in Singapore..that might work for you.

    and really? were they orange? man, i like them better when i thought they were a nice psychedelic pink!

  4. Narin Says:

    Hi, I came across your blog from another person’s blog who was venting about Kaplan. 😛 I hope you can help me with some questions that I have cause the person in-charge of it, replies half or nothing of the emails I send to her or either she’s nowhere near the phone. I am going to start the same course that you are doing(BA in Psy with Marketing Management). In fact, I start next week and the Orientation is this Saturday. I start with the bridging courses this term. What I need is your personal opinion on how you find the course itself, the lecturers + the course consultant . Thanks a lot. 🙂

  5. Narin Says:

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I was kind of lost at the start cause they were talking something about an update during the Orientation, but I realized that my email address on their list was wrong 😐 I start this Wednesday with the bridging class. Good luck to you 🙂 and thanks once again.

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