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eureka! January 5, 2008

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but not in a good way.

we knew a luggage or a box was missing from the move but we didn’t know which exact one until tonight.  the granny’s coming in a few days, then the in-laws in a couple of weeks – they can’t sleep in a bedroom that resembles a store – so i cleared the remaining boxes from our move.

and i realised.

with a nauseating, sinking feeling in my tummy – it’s the box with all my photographs.


i mean all.

from the time i was born up to the day i bought a digital camera.

i knew i should have listened to my instinct and bought that scanner last year.

i knew it.

and now, all those pictures are gone.

excuse me while i disappear to mope and get a string of anxiety attacks – the eagerness to spontaneously combust into special moments a camera can make permanent.


4 Responses to “eureka!”

  1. maybebabe Says:

    omg i’m sorry to hear that!! let’s hope the box makes it back one day…someone must see those cute pictures of you and feel the compulsion to trace the owner.

  2. yulingxpress Says:

    oh dear, i’m sorry too. yah, like min says, maybe there will be a good soul out there and you’ll find back your box one day! possible to trace back where and when you lost it?

  3. Goody Says:

    you poor thing.. hope you’ll somehow manage to find it.
    meantime, get that scanner! …stand by for when the pictures come back..

  4. dali Says:

    may > oh dear, the problem is, we shipped an entire container hence all the boxes didn’t have marked addresses! i seriously doubt the box will make its way to us anytime soon. fish are happily feeding on it at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

    yuling > thanks, i hope i get it back too! but better not to hold on to false hopes and look to the future, right?

    goody > yes, poor me, ha ha. *licks wound*

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