having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

having my cupcake and eating it too December 5, 2007

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Ravi might still be deadset against me getting a cat, a dog, a chinchilla, a rabbit, a hamster, a mouse, a microscopic hairy bug or a pollen – but i became the happiest neneh in the world when he agreed to buy the display set of a Delonghi EO3870 that i fell in love with at Mustafa.

i also love Mustafa. sans customers who are inclined to molest chubby chickens reading the ingredients to Shokubutsu’s Orange + Seaweed shower cream. the age of innocence when shopping for deodorants and armpit razors at Mustafa is over. these days, i am ever ready with a rolled up NG to beat down the next guy who brushes against my ass even when there’s a berth wide enough for an entire buffalo to walk through.

delonghi eo3870

ah, there she is, my little beauty. it didn’t come with whatever’s roasting in the picture. looks like something that rose from the depths of hell. at S$350, S$150 below budget and made in a country which does not start with the letter “C”, it’s a steal. what didn’t rock however, was that my old baking and muffin trays don’t fit in it.

over-eager to immediately start baking, i scouted around Mustafa for smaller trays but they only sold Wiltshire trays that are made in China. at first apprehensive at the thought of something that could have potentially been glazed in cyanide, then sprinkled with plutonium powder, i then bitched to myself about how expensive it was for a product that’s mass produced.

there’s always something to complain or be irrationally worried about. so i bought 3 trays.

i think i’ll deflower Delilah with brownies.


2 Responses to “having my cupcake and eating it too”

  1. maybebabe Says:

    LOL…haven’t I told you you’re a walking magnet for Indians?! You married one..but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the rest away!

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