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for Alex November 1, 2007

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i must break my (unannounced) hiatus from blogging to write about this.

the short. a 15 year old French boy was gang-raped by local Emiratis, one of whom was HIV +ve and was not given proper medical attention. he was, however, attacked by the very people who should have protected him.

of course, when you’re the one saying “no, please, no”, it is your fault when you get raped.

the long.

just cos they are not of Emirati blood does not mean they are lesser than you.

just cos they are not Muslims does not mean they are lesser than you.

just cos they are building the next tallest building in the world for next to nothing wages, does not mean they are lesser than you.

just cos they are in transit in your country and not born with a spoonful of crude oil in their mouths does not mean they are lesser than you.

Boycott Dubai.

i am ashamed that you claim to subscribe to the same God i believe in.


9 Responses to “for Alex”

  1. Jameel Says:

    As the son of a Pakistani and a Cherokee-Irish woman from Alabama who grew up in the Philippines, I know exactly the contempt that those Emiratis hold foreigners in. It is horrible what happened to Robert, and even worse that he was accused of being a “homosexual” when he was in fact the victim of pederasts. I am ashamed that the people who did this to Robert, and so many others like them, sully the name of Muslims everywhere by calling themselves such. Like so many self-righteous religious societies, their commitment to any morality is non-existent. May the Almighty smite the arrogant Emiratis and make them sorry for their evil ways.

  2. For Alex from a Muslim Visitor Says:

    Let’s establish the following. No one rapes, kills, steals, or even lies and can claim they are good believers in their faith. I have the most sympathy for Alex and I hope he gets the justice he deserves and his attackers will get the harshest punishment they deserve. That being said, these rapists can’t claim they are good Muslims, Christians, or believers for that matter. It is not about Alex’s religion, race, or nationality. It is about a few monsters, regardless of their religion, nationality, and race, who raped an innocent person all his fault that he was enjoying his time at a place claimed to be safe.
    I don’t want to get into politics, but George Bush, who attacked two countries, killed more than half a million people, and imprisoned hundreds, claims to be a good Christian. Can we say that we are sorry that we worship the same god that he does. In this case we are allowing him, George Bush, to capture God for himself, just like any other idiot or terrorist who judges people and executes them.

    I hope Alex will be good and safe soon and get his justice. And I salute his Mom who is standing behind him and fighting with him, I wish her the best in her battle hoping and prying she wins and teaches others how to stand for their rights.

  3. janethegreat Says:

    cest la vie~

  4. zeinobia Says:

    My dear friend do you think that they are real Muslims in the first place to involve religion , Religion has nothing to do with that criminal act ,already believe or not Alex was much luckier in my opinion to reach out the world with his case , other Arab children and boys suffered from the same thing and could not open their mouths and if they did they would see the real hell
    I remember from couple of year an Egyptian kid in KG was rapped by a Saudi man in KSA , when his father complained and reached to the media , he was arrested and tortured there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. anonymous Says:

    I apologize for my anonymity as i stand to some extend in public.
    i agree that rape in general but often of minors and homosexuality is and can’t be associated or be claimed by one religious element. but it is a fact, that in muslim countries there is a kind of “hidden” “openness” in this. especially (young-)man who can’t have open relationships with the opposing gender (due to religious dogmas) resort in “the search of love” with what is easily available. poor people (and not children as such) are the most vulnerable in such a situation. you can get a killer for one dollar. that makes it realistic to have you beaten up for one dollar or invited for sex for another dollar. poor people are not only sexually extorted but abused for the cause of what ever by those who have a bit more than they. i don’t say the rich are responsible – no, it’s all who have more than the poor and have not an ethical code learned in their childhood. in addition, there is a “general” view among muslims that says: “you are in a muslim country, so you have to submit yourself to our rules”. and this could mean every thing and opens the door to any interpretation. just see another case in another muslim dominated country – turkey. where a german boy who tried apparently to have sex with a minor girl is in jail since several week and the turkish court seems reluctant to handle this embracing case. the boy is still in prison and the case was adjourned several times.
    no, rape and homosexuality is not reserved and restricted to muslim countries. but, it is a fact that the handling of such cases is a very typical behavior that can be only found in muslim countries.

  6. rockman Says:

    how do u know that this boy telling the real story… how can aboy kidnaped in the middle of the city?… from where the boy he knows these guys?.
    where did he meet them ?
    is he a homo? how do u know he is not?
    lets ask questions before accusing others?
    i think the real story like that he knows them very well …maybe he thought one of them will take care of him … the boy thenn he relized that they are three… he asked for one and he got three… he got
    scared? ….

    look at the the rape and abuse in usa and europe…. these things happen… we don’t see all the victims here in usa goto tv and tell ther stories …infact if the media let every one tell his story the only news we will get here is about rape, and abuse victims… look how much porn and pediphelia.

    my advice
    so use ur useless gian melon brains

  7. Bananaman Says:

    Oh Rockman what planet are you from, would a 15 year old report such a crime against 3 witnesses if it was all made up, justice has been done except the lienant sentances however god will deal with these monsters.
    This has nothing to do with religeon, nationality or colour or sexuality, rape is a horendous crime and is all about control

  8. Georg Says:

    hey rockman,

    you havent understood a thing, do you?

    look at all the abuse – and just be aware: if its in the us or in the emirates – the behavior against such crimes is absolutely different.

    in the us a doctor would not try to make a 15 year old boy admit being homosexual after having examined him for the case of rape.
    in the us the government would not fight the family first and deny that rape can happen.
    in the us the government would not needed to be visited by the president of france before doing any thing in order to help the boy
    in the us the government would not put the boy into prison because he has been raped
    (in the case of a woman: she has been accused being a prostitute since there were a few men raping her and she has been thrown into prison for that)

    in the us there are human rights and a liberal thinking

    in the us you wouldnt go into jail because you name a teddy bear jesus
    now replace us with any other country in the western.

    i for my part: i dont like arab men. not because i am racist but because they (!) are racist, inhuman, machoid, hierarchical and not forgetting that they have the worst behavior i have ever seen.
    of course this is a generalizing picture – but its the sum of my own experiences. and im working with in a place where i meet almost every nation of the world.

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