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a sweet wait September 9, 2007

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finally settled in far enough to upload some pictures from our holiday in Jordan and Egypt!

jordan - hisham hotel

in Amman, we stayed at a charming little hotel called Hisham Hotel in Jebel Amman where most embassies are located. we highly recommend it. stepping into the room was like blinking ourselves back to the 60s – 80s. different retro elements of the room made us feel strangely familiar. at times, the room also smelled of the 80s.

jordan - streets

driving through the streets of Amman. we love Jordan. King Abdullah, please make us honorary citizens. we promise to open a delicious S-E-Asian restaurant. the drive towards Jerash in the north of Amman was a sight to behold, different shades of browns, blues and greens, hills of olives rolling like waves over historical and archaeological land. i loved it especially when the hill dropped to such staggering heights, you feel like you can just fall over, and in love with the country.

jordan - jerash 1

i don’t have my notes (in the container at Dubai port) so please bear with me. this is Jerash, the most complete, preserved Roman archaeological site in the world, if i remember correctly. i can’t remember if this is the entrance to the city but something tells me it isn’t. i believe this is called Bab Amman, erected in honour of a visiting official.

jordan - jerash 2

jordan - jerash 3

a strong arch, it is.

jordan - jerash 4

this is the forum where the citizens of Decapolis would gather on special occasions. important announcements would be made at the lone column in the middle. the columns of the colonnade were once half buried underground.

jordan - jerash 5

standing tall.

jordan - jerash 6

back then, there would have been bartering and trading at shops behind the columns of the colonnade. look closer and you can still see the brick formations of the shops.

jordan - jerash 7

Roman corridors.

jordan - jerash 8

steps of the South Theatre which gave me an ominous preview of harder, thousands more painful steps over the coming weeks.

jordan - jerash 9

the South Theatre. we were amazed. we were standing on rocks of history.

jordan - jerash 10

topa the world.

jordan - jerash 11

more of the stage. back then, the lead actor would stand on a particular spot in the middle of the semi-circle – the acoustics is amazing. you don’t even have to shout and others can hear everything! genius!

jordan - jerash 12

Greek inscriptions on the lower tiers of the seats, presumed to be reserved for the upper crust of society.

jordan - jerash 13

the colonnade from afar.

jordan - jerash 14

all roads lead to Rome.

jordan - jerash 15

a church, beautiful mosaic.

jordan - jerash 16

ah, stupendous. if i’m not wrong, this was at the Temple of Artemis.

jordan - jerash 17

the amphitheatre where the senate used to gather, i believe. i’d asked how weddings were performed, apparently they don’t know! so sad!

jordan - jerash 18

jordan - jerash 19

the drainage system.

jordan - jerash 20

streets used to be lit up this way, see the carbon deposits from fire in the depressions above?

jordan - jerash 21

looking on, back on time.

jordan - jerash 22

the temple of Zeus. nothing much remains of it, sadly. not everyone was allowed into the actual temple itself, each tier of steps were for different strata of society. only the priests were allowed into the inner sanctuary. hmph, elitists.

jordan - jerash 23 (ravi)

Ravi claims Jordan’s Philadelphia beer is the best beer he has ever had. and mind you, he’s been to Oktoberfest.

jordan - jerash 24 (stables)

where races used to be held.

jordan - jerash 25

jordan - jerash 26

and that’s just Jerash! there’s still Ajloun! the Dead Sea! Madaba! Karnak and Shobak castles! Wadi Mujib! and PETRA!

oh Jordan, we will return.

more here.


5 Responses to “a sweet wait”

  1. Sheela Says:

    lovely pics! v stark landscape..
    it looks so deserted tho – were you guys the only ones around – it looked damn hot!

  2. dali Says:

    thanks bobeela! yes, it does look stark, doesn’t it? standing out like a sore thumb, in the wrong time zone. but it’s beaaautiful!

    and yes, it was hawt!

    no lah, a lot of people around, i guess they weren’t psycho enough to walk through the entire stretch in the heat. but we wanted to see everything!

  3. Khairuldin Says:

    Damn!You beat me to it…. I wanna go there too!!!!Pls show me more of the pics the next time we meet, sunshine

  4. dali Says:

    i promise i’ll show you more! it’s just finding the time to resize all these huge files!

  5. Ravi Says:

    great pics… i trained her!!!

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