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oh, i could worship the kitties July 24, 2007

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i really thought we were going to die today.

usually, i enjoy turbulence – quite like a rollercoaster ride – but today, i found that the shaking, vibrating and thick, blinding, opaque clouds (instead of the usual clear view of Changi) of the Dubai-Singapore flight we experienced wasn’t exactly fun.

when we landed with a hard thud, i sighed, “i get to buy my mee goreng.”

a home cooked meal, (steaming hot, fragrant white rice with sambal tumis udang, sayor lemak, sambal goreng pengantin and fried tofu with sambal kicap), a morning and evening frolicking with the cats and a delicious afternoon nap – it all feels like home to me.

am off in a hurry now.

Wadi Rum 1

in Wadi Rum, Jordan. we can’t wait to return.


2 Responses to “oh, i could worship the kitties”

  1. Sheela Says:

    welcome home luv 🙂
    had GREAT time with you on friday!
    have a good time in KL, and we’ll see you soon when you’re back home.
    luv to all the kitties at home too!

  2. dali Says:

    awww, sheels, thanks a lot. i had a great time too! although the tahu goreng was so, so sad. wish had more time!

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