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oh, all the Titi-s and the Rati-s of Egypt old! July 19, 2007

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it’s our 2nd last night of our 3 weeks holiday and it’s been a blast.

we’re exhausted, and i am afraid to report, are suffering from Egypt Fatigue. it is not true that if you’ve seen one temple, you’ve seen em all. but after seeing 4000 year old temple ruins one after the other, you thirst for a complete piece of modern architecture with shiny new windows and … Starbucks.

i am ashamed to say that i can no longer say, “la(k), shukran” (no thanks) with a smile to the touts and shopkeepers. the moment we step out of the hotel, they descend upon us like vultures to carrion. which part of “no” do they not get?

i especially love it when they say, “looking for free, no hassle” – then they harass you until you get passed on to the next tout like a game of Pass-the-Tourist. on good days, i can still laugh and smile but on some days, like today, i really felt like smacking the kid who kept following me, touching me, insisting i take a tuft of grass from him (for a dollar in return).

unfortunately, he’s probably an offshoot of his parents who most likely went around from tourist to tourist, child in tow, begging for “baksheesh” while insinuating they’ve nothing to eat. the best tools to pass on to your children are the tricks of the survival trade!

after shooing one off, the guy at our hotel said, “they are not poor, this is business.”

we’re heading back for Dubai past midnight tomorrow. technically, we’re homeless, but luckily, we’re putting up with a friend for a few days. then it’s off to sunny xin jia po for 2 weeks, whoohoooo! sambal tumis udang, here i come!

for Nicole of New York, i’m gonna try and find out more about that dramatic “Singapura, SINGAPURA!” song you heard at our National Museum.


2 Responses to “oh, all the Titi-s and the Rati-s of Egypt old!”

  1. janethegreat Says:

    at least they don’t actually build a starbucks in where the relics are… look at zish… http://janestephanny.multiply.com/photos/photo/10/51
    so off… not a historic place, more like a cultural village thing… they’ve lots there…

  2. dali Says:

    whoa, at least they attempted to make the signboard blend in!

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