having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

it isn’t worth it July 4, 2007

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we woke up early to head to the Israeli embassy. before the cab arrived at our destination, it was clear where we were. the chaos before us was familiar. tens and tens of people outside barricades, no queues, and two Israeli embassy employees behind the barricades, shouting and rejecting, and accepting very few people into the embassy.

we were horrified.

a Jordanian told us, “don’t wait here with us, this is for Arabs, maybe you can go in because you are not Arabs.”

i wish he was right.

the employees didn’t speak very good English and to top it off, were extremely frustrated, disgruntled employees. they were, in typical Allenby fashion, extremely rude and dismissive.

even before Ravi had a chance to say anything, to explain that we had spoken with someone inside the embassy, the guy waved him off and said “i cannot give you access. is your name on the paper? is your name on the paper?” he mocked.

how the fuck would we have known to have gotten our names on THE PAPER? what bloody paper?

we hung around for an hour, long enough to see the others waiting with us being shoo-ed off. yes, SHOO-ED off like flies.

they were shoo-ed off like they were not Palestinians with Jordanian passports who have homes in Israel. imagine having that much difficulty going home.

that’s right, we don’t have American passports. we can’t just waltz in and out of Israel, the country the Brits created ,then washed their hands off of when the heat was turned on.

Ravi said, “forget it, they can keep their Jerusalem.”

we napped a good part of the afternoon and i got a haircut and a pedicure in the evening. it’s typical ya know, you find the perfect hairstylist (finalleh!) and he’s in a foreign country.

my hair’s straight now, in a bob. and quad-coloured.

if the day before i couldn’t stop caressing my post-Dead Sea arms, this day, i couldn’t stop running my fingers through my straight hair.

i’ve never been able to run my fingers through my curly hair.

but i’m sure, when i wash my hair tomorrow, it’s gonna go all Einstein on me again.

i can’t say it enough, we love Jordan, we love Jordanians.


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