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when i’m packed, whisk me away June 22, 2007

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we’re moving. there are boxes in the house.

there are cartons everywhere. bubblewrapped stuff everywhere. it’s a warzone, it’s a minefield. everywhere we step is a potential disaster. except we don’t get blown up into a million pieces – we just trip, fall over and land on, if we’re lucky, another bubblewrapped item, or if we’re not so lucky, the not-so-blunt edge of another open carton.

it’s a good look for the house, a good accompaniment to the two large mounts of laundry i have yet to touch since we got back from Abu Dhabi in january. 6 months isn’t too long, the concept of time is overrated, especially when talking about bad housewifery.


this isn’t even half of it. i’m ashamed i’m proud of it.

i hate packing. i’ll procrastinate packing by sitting on the sofa. then i’ll procrastinate contemplating packing on the sofa by surfing the Internet or washing the dishes.

we’re going on a 3 week holiday to Jordan, Israel and Egypt in a week.

consulates and embassies. humph.

i tried finding out about the Israeli stamp stigma for Ravi. some people think that having an Israeli stamp in your passport will complicate entering countries that do not recognise Israel as a nation. i’d rather know for sure than listen to aunties back home, cautioning me about being left high and dry at the Singapore-Malaysia Causeway, unable to visit Angsana mall in Johore Bahru (like it’s better than Orchard Road) because lil tourist me visited Jerusalem.

like as though Malaysian customs officials will flip through every single page. and then recognise Hebrew.

like as though Israeli businessmen have not travelled to these countries for trade. although, i’d imagine, they’d travel on the quiet. though not to Syria.

some people forget that Muslims live in Israel too and that Al-Aqsa mosque is where Islamic tradition places Prophet Muhd s.a.w. on his “night journey”, where he ascended to heaven from. also, many Malaysian Christians are allowed to visit Israel on pilgrimage.

calling the Malaysian consulate here in Dubai is a lose-lose-lose-lose situation. you get to a machine with only 2 options and none of those 2 actually lead to a human being manning the phones. we emailed them, and nothing, nada. boy, would i hate to be a Malaysian in trouble overseas.

after 30 minutes of trying the Egyptian embassy line, the lady manning the phone was short-tempered, loud and rude (Zeren gave me the heads-up about Middle-Eastern consulates) although the security guard at the embassy was real friendly. inside, the queue at the information counter was long enough to circle the Earth, and then some. we decided we’d be better off getting our visas on arrival.

in the 40°C heat, we then crossed the road to the Jordanian embassy although i had already checked out their website and found out Singapore and Malaysia are not on their list of countries where tourists need pre-issued visas.

everyone at the Jordanian embassy was friendly except for the guys manning the information counter cum queue ticket machine. when asked where we could enquire/confirm about whether we’d need visas, visa forms were shoved in our faces without so much as a HELLO or any interest whatsoever. we had to fill em up, wait our turn, then we could ask the guy at the visa counter. we were 50 numbers away and the number didn’t move after 30 minutes. after 40 minutes, Ravi went up to the visa counter and confirmed we didn’t need any. the lady on the Jordanian embassy line was far friendlier and informative.

how hard was that?

i love how the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs website practically shouts, EVERYBODY IS WELCOME. now, if only we all could learn from that kind of clever lovin’.

i thought public service = service to the public/citizens. but most of us concur that we are mostly at their mercy.

we can’t wait to get our asses over.

  • Jordan – Amman + Jerash + Ajloun + Madaba + Mt Nebo (where Moses first caught sight of the Promised Land) + Machaerus + Umm ar-Rasas + Bethany + Karak + Dead Sea + Petra (i’ve dreamt of this for years since Indiana Jones)
  • Israel – Jerusalem + Bethlehem
  • Egypt – Alexandria + Cairo + Luxor

and if we’ve got some time left, and are lucky, perhaps Morocco, where we’d originally wanted to spend our honeymoon. technically, this is our honeymoon although we’d honeyed many moons ago. this is our first holiday in a really long time and even Ravi, Mr Marble Slab is visibly excited about it.

i’d love a Camelbak for this trip. i’d take any excuse to get one.

Camelbak Trinity


2 Responses to “when i’m packed, whisk me away”

  1. thegrouch Says:

    it’s very easy to avoid ravi’s passport from getting stamped at the israeli border. just tell the immigration person and they’ll understand, no fuss required.
    it’s just not worth the trouble arriving at some gulf country on business and then getting refused entry coz of some stupid chop.
    you can read more about this on the LP site. a lot of tourists on a tour of that region have the same problem.

  2. dali Says:

    yes, thanks, love. we found out that we could ask the Israeli immigration to stamp on an exit slip instead of the passport, and when we leave from the same crossing, they’ll stamp the same slip – it’s as if we’ve never stepped into Israel! not sure if i’d need to do that as i already have a biometric passport and all they have to do is slide!

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