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facebook freaks part deux June 12, 2007

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keep ’em coming, boys. you with your strange names and bad writing skills.

facebook - tamer toto


3 Responses to “facebook freaks part deux”

  1. zrnozdmr Says:

    hmm, in Turkey we have the name “Tamer” but surname sounds foreign or ‘made up’; “Toto” means ass in Turkish children’s slang. 🙂

  2. stjarna67 Says:

    Anonymous men electronically prostrating themselves isn’t appealing? I take it u not like to have slave.

    Sound like Mr. Toto needs to leave his parents’ basement and meet a woman in real life. Reality can be a real potch in the tuccus, though.

  3. dali Says:

    zrn love > i knew it! i knew Toto was bad, bad, BAAD, ha ha.

    sj > hahaha. i no like to have slave. i like normal, eccentric people, no like cowardly freaks who parade online with overinflated make-believe egos.

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