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say hello to some of my feline obsessions May 2, 2007

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niki 1

Niki. who sometimes forgets to clean her eyes and nose.

she slept with me every night.

also understands “no”, “naughty”, “makan” (food/eat), “cicak” (lizard), “come here”, “good girl” and “sleep.

she’s as soft as mink.

 puteh 1

Puteh (poo-teh. white). we also call him The Godfather.

just look at those folded hands. deep in thought.

of his next meal.

cats who dare venture near him or annoy him will get a big, fat smack across their faces.

 charlie 1


she used to be the size of my hand (most of our picked up strays were), with a giant swollen thingy on her forehead. the vet said she’d die within the first month we got her. but look at her now.

inka 1


don’t you just love tri-coloured tortoise-shell cats?

she thinks she’s a horse. she gallops like one when beckoned.

blaqui 1


the waiter with socks.

he never grew out of infancy, always looking to suckle on our t-shirts.

rudy 1


he is one of a few gangsters at home.

extremely mischievous and gets into frequent fights with other cats.

 lucky 1


because she was one of two kittens stuck in a huge ass canal in torrential rain. her foot was stuck in thick mud and she’d struggled in the water for more than an hour. till one of our neighbours climbed down the 6m wall of the canal and got her out. her sister’s Sheena.

phoebe 1


one of 5 kittens that a kid brought to us in a box. they had been taken from their mom. wasn’t a clever thing to do, but sometimes, kids just don’t know better. we could not find their mom and took them in. i hope their mom didn’t miss them too much.

tito 1


as in Tito Jackson.

he was a super friendly kitten who looked like another of our cats back then, Teddy, who has since passed on 😦 we thought he was Teddy and that he’d fallen off our 2nd floor balcony. we brought him up, then realised we brought home someone new. Tito’s a really sweet, cool cat.

dodi 1


he’s too cool for words.

very Garfield. enough said. he also likes to sleep on our telephone.

sheena 1


drowsing off. Lucky’s sister.

monty 1


he’s our French cat. Mom brought him home from the French Embassy.


16 Responses to “say hello to some of my feline obsessions”

  1. telmi Says:

    You should get a picture of all of them. to showcast what “obssession” really means.

  2. telmi Says:

    i like niki & dodi. niki looks like he drank milo secretly.

    dodi is just plain cute

  3. smelly cats…
    smelly cats…

    tho the godfather looks very godfather like!

  4. thegrouch Says:

    wah that monty so handsome…
    dals, if these are the results of the 400D, then YES, they ARE magic.

  5. dali Says:

    telmi > yes,i have pics of ALL of them, i’ll put the rest up another day! and yes, Niki does look like she hasn’t wiped off some chocolate smudges off her nose.

    kingdomofmine > ha ha! yes! that song kinda plays in my head A LOT!

    grouch > yes! it’s the Canon EOS400D!

  6. stjarna67 Says:

    12 cats?!?! I can’t imagine that….

  7. dali Says:

    sj > actually, it’s 24. or was it 25? my parents lost count 🙂

  8. Khairuldin Says:

    I LOVE TITO!!!!!!!

  9. dali Says:

    khairuldin > tito’s a daaaaaaaaaaaah-ling!

  10. maybebaby Says:

    dodiiiiiiiiiiii…..i miss him!

    and where’s i’m-too-fat-to-move beavis?? it’s a wonder there’s no new addition to the family called butthead.

    (then again, that’s not very nice is it?)

  11. Khairuldin Says:

    yeah how abt beavis…..?where is he?if i may commend abt Butthead…i think there might be too many around in this world…..i think we don need more of them…..hehehehe

  12. dali Says:

    maybebaby > yes! i try not to think of the fact that some of our cats are already 10 years old. i’ll be sooooooooooo sad if the original 5 die (niki, puteh, dodi, tito and teddy – but teddy’s already passed on, sob, remember we had photo shoot with her? do you still have that shot of me with her in the studio?)

    khai > that’s right! that’s why we didn’t name any new ones Butthead! cos Beavis turned out to be a himbo. hahaha.

  13. maybebaby Says:

    unfortunately i don’t have it anymore….though i think have dodi’s baby pictures! And I do have beavis’ picture right here with me on my noticeboard at work. He’s my other dahhling.

    Ever feel like you are trying to wake up in the morning but someone’s pressing down heavily on you? Well that’s Beavis.

  14. dali Says:

    maybebaby > omg, Dodi’s baby pics! i waaaaant! and which Beavis shot dya have?

  15. maybebaby Says:

    Dali, his pix are kept safely in the Dali Cats Archive back home in Singapore. So far there has only been 1 reported case of missing pictures.

    The shot I have of Beavis has him lying on his side strategically between the kitchen and the communal cat bathroom.

    And I suspect Beavis only LOOKS like he is a himbo. He can be very cunning if he wants to be…..

  16. dali Says:

    maybebaby > HAHAHA, you are ABSOLUTELY right! beavis IS a cunning bastard.

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