having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

the smell of home April 30, 2007

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me and mom

because moms are the best.

you don’t get more Chinese than this.

nuril and me 1

having too much fun with the camera at the airport.

sent dad off for exam in Frankfurt.

nuril and dan 1

at the 21st birthday party of mom’s colleague’s daughter.

at Singapore Khalsa Association.

 little girl at bday party

yes, kids hate adult parties.

i promise not to bring mine to 80% of such parties.

 mom bored

mom was bored. and partially deaf from loud Hindi music.

dan cracking durian open

ask me how much the X.O. (yes, as in the cognac) and 666 durians cost and i’ll smack ya.

it was more than it shoulda cost.

here, my brother attempts to split a quarter of a durian.

 million dollar durian


all hail Durian, the King of Fruits.

cafe del mar 1

at Cafe del Mar, Sentosa.

 cafe del mar 2

day beds, hmmm.

 gendang kasturi

gendang kasturi and fried keledek.

yu char kuay

yu char kuay.

one of life’s best comfort foods.

best with mayonnaise.

you know, that killer condiment?


chicken rice - new hawa

oh, how i’ve missed thee, chicken rice.


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