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sometimes, they do ask for it April 16, 2007

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i’d joined Facebook only recently after Rash introduced me to it. i’ve been having some fun with my friends on FB, scribbling rubbish on each other’s “walls” and uploading tons of self-glorifying photographs. what i love is finding old friends and old friends finding me on FB. there’s a pretty large skeletons-with-cobwebs-from-years-forgotten-in-closet factor with social networks like this and Friendster, but that’s what the “Reject” function is for.

and occasionally, you get messages from random horny men who’ve got little else on their minds but the abused lil three letter word that begins with an S and ends with an X. and today, just because i have a sore throat and am a little on edge, i decided i would not simply ignore (sometimes they are really persistent) or send a short “no thanks, goodbye” message to the latest moron with an erection to disperse.

FB - Carlos Santana

and two days ago, a random Egyptian/British guy from FB asked if Ravi or i could help him get a job in Dubai. only in exchange for a real old pyramid. humph.


5 Responses to “sometimes, they do ask for it”

  1. thegrouch Says:

    eh, you don’t want a real old pyramid? LOL.

  2. dali Says:

    eh, i want! i want!

  3. Rasheel Says:

    great retaliation!
    rock on woman!

  4. dali Says:

    it’s us vs strange, horny men 😀

  5. stjarna67 Says:

    Some time ago, I got a myspace.com page. I was curious to see what friends had posted. It turned out to be lame. However, that didn’t stop anonymous or cryptic messages from women sending me private messages. Every once in awhile, I’d get a message trying to sound local and personal. However, with some digging via WHOIS, I found that some Indiana woman wants people to visit her webcam for $.

    Sorry, even if I was single; I couldn’t fall for a spammer with a webcam.


    p.s. I’d be careful yelling at perverts. They could be nutjobs with a score to settle.

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