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how to poison your husband April 9, 2007

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  1. falling asleep on the sofa at 3 without drawing the curtains.
  2. so you’ll wake up when the sun rises cos it’s so goddamn bright.
  3. then dragging yourself to the bathroom to remove 15 hour old eyeliner and mascara.
  4. then making coffee for your husband.
  5. and serving it to him.
  6. then watching him grimace.

sayaaaaang, you put salt in my coffee!”


6 Responses to “how to poison your husband”

  1. joy joy Says:

    ha ha ha. poor robbie a.
    dali 1, robbie 0. :p

  2. dali Says:

    ooooh, he’s so gonna haytch you for putting him down as Robbie A! hahaha.

  3. your hubby Says:

    yes…. she replaced sugar with salt!!!!
    should listen to my mom,,,,

  4. dali Says:

    eh, you can only glorify me on this blog, ok? want me to sneakily include beef in your dinner is it?

  5. stjarna67 Says:

    Salt in the coffee?!?! I think that should be a crime especially if it’s the first cup of the day.

  6. dali Says:

    yes, *sob* looks like i can’t make it to the Martha Club.

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