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extreme recycling April 6, 2007

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i’d like to thank my husband, Ravi, for being so patient with my wish to help save the earth little by little.

although the eco-villain did demand i not collect recyclables anymore if they had to sit in a mountainous pile in the kitchen.

but hoooooney, you won’t drive me to the recycling centre. it’s unbecoming of a lady to be seen lugging around cartons of gold rubbish.

recycling ain’t easy here in Dubai. if you’d like the Emirates Environmental Group, an NGO, to collect the stuff from your place, you gotta purchase an AED950 trashcan which fits a 1st grader comfortably (and only a 1st grader), then pay an additional AED100 for delivery of that trashcan. or you gotta go to a few (and for a city as huge as Dubai, we really mean few) designated recycling centres – honestly, no one really wants to lug these stuff around. it does take some kind of dedication.

we’ve decided to drive down to EEG to drop the cartons off, i’d like to check the place out myself too, see if they need volunteers.


yes, that is McArabia. i do occasionally poison myself at Mac Dees because it’s oh! so! good!

Recycling - paper

glass. lots of them, layered with bags.

Recycling - glass


plastic. for the life of me, i can’t crush them.

Recycling - plastic

sometimes my N73 amazes me with shots like these.

why don’t you try a Year of Living Generously? go ahead, you know you want to.


6 Responses to “extreme recycling”

  1. telmi Says:

    Ya, i also recycle papers, glass & plastics here. It’s a good feeling.

  2. dali Says:

    it sure is.

  3. stjarna67 Says:

    We recycle. We get two plastic tubs, about the size of laundry baskets. The truck comes by every other Monday at around 5 am.

    It’s required by law to make ungodly amounts of noise right outside our window. I guess they get fined if they don’t wake at least a dozen people on each block.

    I swear they slammed the same tub down 4 times this morning. =(

  4. dali Says:

    omg, 0500am! the birds aren’t even awake yet over here! luckily we’ve stayed in apartments all our lives. i hear almost everything outside with the window CLOSED, ravi thinks i have bionic ears.

    you could beat em to it every Mon morning, wake up at 0445 and stand at the bins, smoking a cigar.

    recycling should be made compulsory. by law.

  5. superkimbo Says:

    It greatly disappoints me that it is practically impossible to recycle here in Malaysia (maybe there’s some kind of organization like you have in Dubai, but I’m not sure). After living in Germany it physically pains me not to recycle every cardboard container I have used, etc. After all, I’ve become accustomed to separating my recyclable glass into: green, brown, white, and clear.

  6. dali Says:

    hey kim! you’re way ahead of us, separating recyclable glass into green/brown/white and clear!

    i don’t know much about recycling in Malaysia but a little Malaysian parrot tells me there are some recycling bins around, including one at Bangsar Village where Ms Read (omg, their SCONES!) is!

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