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in a little bubble April 4, 2007

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the weather system of Dubai’s been going through some pretty heavy duty PMS lately. at first it was getting hot, then it started to rain, and now it’s just gloom doom most of the time.

pretty hard to get out of bed, so i plunged into nesting full swing. fried nasi goreng daging merah, black pepper beef broccoli (no kailan, sadly) and a second try at Peabody’s Chocolate Intensity as there was still some chocolate glaze sitting in the fridge begging to be spread out. i was extremely liberal with the glaze because there’s no such thing as too much chocolate. used one less egg and stronger coffee, absolutely delish.

Choc Intensity 2

Choc Intensity 1

i want to go out and play, prithee Sun, will you come out in May?


2 Responses to “in a little bubble”

  1. your hubby Says:


  2. dali Says:

    balik la lu, don’t surf internet at work, ha ha.

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