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how shall i punish thee, lemme count the ways March 31, 2007

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Singaporeans gathered to hold a Singapore Bazaar in aid of Manzil (Centre for Challenged Individuals) yesterday and the Consul-General was generous enough to offer his villa as the venue for people to get together, chat, shop, eat – and all for a good cause.

i was looking forward to pigging out on laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. it’s so much easier to spend AED10 instead of spending 2 hours slaving over the stove.

“Ravi, wake up, we gotta go to the Singapore Bazaar.”

“uuumph… (unintelligible string of animal-like grunts and sighs)”

sayaaaaaaang, they’re selling nasi ayam and satay. wake up, ah.”

“uuumph… (unintelligible string of animal-like grunts and sighs)”


“i am sick,” then he pretend-sniffed. once.

i felt his forehead, then chided, “don’t bluuuuff, you’re not sick.”

“(whines) i am sick,” and pretend-sniffed again. once.

“eh, i used to ponteng sekolah (skip school), okay, so donch bruff. wake up.”

“i am siiiiiiiick,” he protested and adopted a sick puppy look.

avoiding a situation where i might be reported to the Global Tribunal to Monitor Cruel Wives, i then laid beside him, plotting my revenge.

1. secretly purchase many, many, many expensive things on his credit card.

the delectable akiko glassware by kenzo.

Akiko Glassware by Kenzo

that sexy KitchenAid standmixer i’ve wanted forever.

KitchenAid Artisan Standmixer - Empire Red

buy all the books on my list, and then ship a 20′ container more of books to last me a lifetime.

and a DSLR to replace my Canon A80 (R.I.P., little shiny one). or two.

2. secretly adopt a cat from Feline Friends. aren’t they darlings?

3. throw away those ugly sweaters he bought when i wasn’t around.

4. force him into the kitchen with me next week when i cook Hainanese chicken rice – he hates wielding a ladle.

true to form, my husband, the Method Actor, sniffed one last time when he finally roused from sleep. however, being a novice to the art, he forgot to sniff the rest of the evening and proceeded to snack on fried peanuts. very smooth.

today, i’ve realised how unprepared we are for unexpected events/catastrophes when suddenly, we didn’t have running water. i’ve been procrastinating with regards to getting an emergency backpack ready, something we can grab and run with should a cataclysmic earthquake or raging fire hit. one with important docs, water, dry crackers, torchlight, matches, first aid kit, windbreakers, stuff like that.

the water issue was resolved quickly (a blockage, apparently). tomorrow, i’ll get an emergency backpack ready.


4 Responses to “how shall i punish thee, lemme count the ways”

  1. thegrouch Says:

    we got one ready for us and the cats after the earthquake tremors in 2005. we were deeply ashamed to have evacuated the building and only realising george and atticus were still upstairs when we saw other people with their pooches.

  2. dali Says:

    to be fair, they’re not exactly easy to pick up and run downstairs with. you’d end up with a million scratches! you got one of those pet bags, eh? awwww.

    it’ll be sad if you are forced to evacuate without yer pets, like during Hurricane Katrina.

  3. superkimbo Says:

    Love the glasses. Have pined for that mixer for years. I should just suck it up and buy it already.

  4. dali Says:

    it’s just the price – it scares me, “will i REALLY be baking so much?”

    i’m now aching over Le Creuset pots and asking myself the same question. but i think i’ll get those pots over the mixer first. 🙂

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