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random bursts of synapse activity March 21, 2007

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>> thanks to May, i am now addicted to the song “Take It Easy, My Brother Charles” by Jorge Ben and have it on permanent repeat loop. it makes me wanna dance and laugh flirtatiously to nobody in particular <<

the past few days has melted into the oblivion of forgotten gulleys by my hippocampus somewhere. some kind of switch was flicked on, or off, rather, and i was floating from one dimension of sleep and dreams (oh, leo! more later) to another of awake sleep and open-eyed thoughts.

i love my Fatboys though they’re now a tad faded from days of sliding butts and chafing t-shirts. if these recycled beanbags made from used car materials are more “reasonably” priced (but ah, they must be limited), i might scramble to replace our Fatboys with Waste bags and pass the Boys on to my parents so their cats can lounge all day in musky butt aromas.

Waste beanbags

doesn’t it look like a turd of comfort?

if i thought youtube was a godsend, VideoJug‘s a godgodsend. now i can fold t-shirts in 2 seconds, giving me 8 seconds more to do other more important things like eating chocolate spread from the bottle. for the clueless out there, you can also learn how to undo a bra with just two fingers! imagine that, two fingers instead of two entire hands and eyeballs rolled to the back of her head in dismay! The couple on the video are such good sports, i want them to undo all my bras.

but i’d still rather waste half my life on youtube than learning how to apply mascara on VideoJug.

found out that Malaysians are the happiest Asians – i have a few friends who’d beg to differ especially with the myriad of whiners and wankers in their midst – from the World Map of Happiness an Analytic Social Psychologist has created. we oughta send our Russian friends some heaters and comic books. the mysterious disappearance of Singapore (and other microscopic nations) reminds me of an 18th century map i once saw of Malaya that was missing the entire island of Temasek at its southern tip because the captain of the ship was missing an entire eye.

World Map of Happiness

got my eye on this painting, but Le Hubby’s not having any of it from the wife who has dedicated a corner to unframed (still packaged) prints, posters, 1 painting and photos. i can’t help it if i have trust issues with the picture framers of Dubai and have asked to enrol in a framing course at the Art House here.

just because, you know. because i am anal.

Mintd - Nina painting

Nina. i like her and her unkempt hair. and her droopy eyes and lively tongue. though her brows scare me. hardly like Nabokov’s Lolita, but i like her (this is usually where Ravi would slip into Tourette’s and call me lesbo 20x without inhaling in between, then demanding for something completely unrelated like chocolate ice-cream with maraschino cherries and vanilla whipped cream).

i love National Geographic, especially when i find out that my ancestors might have been cheating on each other with gorillas. but of course you must take everything i say seriously, so please read that article before telling people that “gorillas and humans slept with each other and i think that’s where we got HIV from” and etc just because you might be a blistering moron who takes everything literally.

and just to leave you with even more randomness, here’s a video (with sources i cannot and am too lazy to confirm) – but is interesting, nevertheless. the music disturbs me though, like WATCH OUT O HUMAN, THOU ART NADA, ZILCH, ZERO. or like some of my nice Singaporean Chinese primary school friends used to say, JILO.


4 Responses to “random bursts of synapse activity”

  1. z ozdamar Says:

    hi dali,
    pretty unrelated to the content but the beanbag looks like a flying bat, doesnt it? -zeren

  2. dali Says:

    oh my, yeah, it does! haha. but that’s gotta be some real pretty bat.

  3. superkimbo Says:

    I like this happiness index – I am surprised that more Asians aren’t in the totally happy category. Malaysians seem quite happy, but so do the other Southeast Asian’s I’ve met – maybe it’s more “saving face” than actual happiness?

  4. dali Says:

    you could be right – Asians do put up a happy front, our unhappiness shouldn’t affect/impose on others. if we could see the little island of Bali though, on this map, perhaps it’ll be sizzling red!

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