having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

holding on to an almost lost cause March 21, 2007

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day 18

weetabix minis choc + whole milk, 2 chicken mortadella + lettuce + labneh  wholemeal sandwiches

day 19

(lousy, overpriced) chicken pie + chips + (warm, WARM!) pineapple juice, 1 chicken mortadella + fried egg + lettuce wholemeal sandwich, ice-cream + organic soya milk

day 20

pad thai with chicken + stir fried kang kong, foul medammas + makaneh + lots of arabic bread  + tuna dip  + sundried tomatoes dip + organic soya milk

day 21

Fisherman’s Platter at TGIF (which is like eating so you can hibernate the next 5 days) + chocolate cake + ice-cream + a side of diabetes and heart attack + organic soya milk

day 22

world’s best cereal in whole milk, steamed jasmine rice + lemongrass chicken + stir fried french beans, egg-coated tofu squares and carrots with makaneh + cream sago and cherries

day 23

Whole Earth’s Cocoa Crunch with whole milk, organic spaghetti (the ones with a hole in the middle) in bolognese with wholesome organic tomatoes + cream sago


arabic bread + foul medammas + 1 lemon white chocolate cookie, mint green tea, hopefully lasagne using last night’s bolognese sauce + steamed carrots + peas

i haven’t been to the gym for 3 weeks, i knew this was going to happen. and to think i dare ponder if i’d like to go to the Singapore Food Festival going on this week in Dubai!


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