having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

“this is Auntie Dali” March 12, 2007

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  • weight: i’ve abandoned the machine for fear of a heart attack
  • breakfast: steamed jasmine rice + chicken curry
  • lunch: 5 lemon white chocolate cookies (i must stop baking)
  • dinner: steamed jasmine rice + chicken curry + vegetable soup with mushrooms
  • dessert: 4 more cookies (i really must stop baking) + 2 clementines
  • burned: 2 calories thinking of walking to the gym tomorrow

you know you’re turning into an auntie when:

  1. you scream at your husband when he forgets to whip out the supermarket card to collect points at the cashier, you don’t even redeem those points, you just need them
  2. spaghetti bolognese, midnight roti prata and teh tarik, maggi with egg and tuna wraps are no longer daily survival food
  3. you know how to cook chicken curry and fold 50 man’s undies in under 2 minutes
  4. you discover the joy of wearing your husband’s underwear (and i don’t mean boxers) and disown your thongs
  5. you bake every weekend or you’ll break out in cold sweat and chew on the cushions
  6. you feel you must side with your 40+ year old neighbour when she screams at her teenage son for eating Lay’s potato chips before dinner although you just know that secretly, he also eats meat behind his strictly vegetarian mother’s back and you are also secretly supporting him for his courage
  7. you no longer eat cookies before dinner
  8. you cut along the dotted line of the empty Baker’s Premium White Chocolate box to look at the recipes printed on the inside
  9. you remind your husband to wash his feet when he comes home
  10. your friends point to you and reply “Auntie Dali” when their children ask, “who’s this, Momma?”

4 Responses to ““this is Auntie Dali””

  1. thegrouch Says:

    that loyalty card thing? omg, you and me both.

  2. dali Says:

    yes. i wonder if it’s a trait of the niao-s. it’s an auntie thing, collecting stamps so you can get that collection of pots.

  3. your hubby Says:

    yes .. u r right..

    u r turning aunty

    love.. ur hubby.. rv

  4. dali Says:

    sayaaaaaaang, your job is supposed to be “no, honey, you AREN’T turning into an auntie.”

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