having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

when you start losing track because you couldn’t connect to the net March 6, 2007

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day 7

  • weight: 70kg
  • breakfast: ?
  • lunch: ?
  • dinner: ?

i must have Alzheimer’s. oh, wait! i think i got it.

  • breakfast: white bun + labneh + fried egg (had to take the egg i fried for Ravi cos the yolk burst, i swear)
  • lunch: banana + 5 chicken wings  (yes, not 1, not 2, five)
  • dinner: chicken caesar salad + light vinaigrette

i think.

i think my body’s suffering from post-traumatic disorder post-chicken wings rampage, my Sunday meals are a big, gray fuzz. omg, i think i even forgot how to spell gray. it’s grey. no, gray, no, grey, dali, grey.

day 8

  • weight: 69kg
  • breakfast: weetabix choc + low fat milk
  • snack: 5 strawberries (Emirati strawberries are surprisingly sweet!)
  • lunch: steamed jasmine rice + lamb curry with potatoes + 3 leftover chicken wings + french beans
  • dinner: half omelette + half curry potato
  • dessert: 1 slice of Chocolate Intensity + edges of the cake because a chocoholic just cannot resist chocolate crust or she will cease to live

this is why, for my birthday on TENTH MAY 2007, erhmm, i want this and a new camera. then on TENTH MAY 2008, i want the KitchenAid standmixer.

and by TENTH MAY 2009, i might need a sponsor for liposuction.

i knew my gym plans would go out the window the moment Ravi came back but that’s gonna change today or i can no longer respect myself and will roll around in mud with my tail between my fat thighs. after Noodle House with Iram and Anita, i’m gonna head to the gym.

so i can eat more of Chocolate Intensity’s which is sitting pretty lonely in the fridge cos Ravi is an ANOREXIC VAINPOT WHO’S AFRAID TO BE HEAVIER THAN HIS WIFE.

i’m not sure which part of being much taller than i and being born with an actual penis (according him the God-given right to be heavier than the average boobs-endowed human) he doesn’t get.


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