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keeping in contact with humankind February 16, 2007

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am working with a spare laptop we managed to borrow from Ravi’s colleagues who aren’t using it. while this gives me the medium to access the Internet with, it’s accessing the Internet itself that’s a bitch. a real pig-headed, slow bitch. the term escapes me now, but the card-with-which-one-accesses-the-Internet-wirelessly-from-anywhere-in-the-world works, but it’s more like a constipated connection than the Victoria Falls. so after two days, i caved. i caved and paid for the AED75/day hotel connection.

highfuckinway robbery, i tell ya.

AED75 could pay for 35 shawarma sandwiches, two movie tickets and practically an entire month’s worth of broadband back home in Dubai. fifteen hours more of access and i’m planning to stay awake as long as i can!

highfuckinway robbery for a semblance of sanity by way of communicating with humankind on MSN.

ever since i bought this for Ravi, i’ve been feeling click happy. the Internet is full of pretty, little things.

Etsy - Palindrome

i found a desk i liked, but that’s a little OTT and Ravi would dive out the window. i love owls and their big soulful eyes and am very tempted to buy these magnets. the line between owning and hoarding things is thinner than the cellulite skin on my ass and i don’t want our house to be full of knicks-and-knacks qualifying me as a hoarder when i’m only at the ripe hot age of 3-0 (and Ravi 42, the perfect age to buy mid-life crises Porsches and 2nd wives, and start hoarding).

Parkside Papers - Owl magnets

who could say no to these menagerie glasses?

Anthropologie - Menagerie glasses

i want glasses with outlined cows i can drink milk out of.

today, found the Sonic Chair, and holy cow, is that one cocoon i’d love to lose myself in. hook it up to your iPod, lounge on the lush fabric with a glass of milk and some cookies on the table and be one with the bubble of music. and boy, did i get excited over the concept of the Bruce balcony barbeque grill! if the designer finds a way to market and sell adjustable versions of this around the world, i’ll be one of the first few ones to get this. could be better than a stovetop grill, far less to scrub when you just want to grill a few burger patties and it sure is as pretty as a flowerpot.

Bruce Balcony BBQ Grill

Abu Dhabi’s a peaceful place. quiet. i like it, actually. provided i get constant access to the Internet and have a neverending supply of good books. after every prayer call, a blanket of silence falls over parts of Abu Dhabi, it’s unbelievable, haven’t heard anything like it. and the grid system of the roads is stellar in comparison to Dubai’s mess of reconstructed roads, old roads, new roads, blocked roads, gabazillion cars and inevitable traffic jams. getting stuck in a traffic jam in Dubai’s a little like getting stuck in a traffic jam in K.L., you look out the window utterly helpless, feeling every second of your short life ebbing by like the fuel in the tank. except here, the honks drive you nuts. it’s not like as though honking actually parts the traffic jam like the Red Sea.

we’ve another 3 weeks more here, but i’m looking forward to going back to Dubai, to broadband access that costs less than an island in the Pacific.


3 Responses to “keeping in contact with humankind”

  1. stjarna67 Says:

    75 AED? Is that 75 dollars American? If so, that kind of money would get you about 1 1/2 months DSL or almost a month with a cable modem with cable tv…

    that would be insane if it were just a day? Dial-up modems suck, but not for that kind of money….unless you were going to be without an Internet connection AT ALL for a massive amount of time, I don’t think I could pay that kind of money.

    I could take the family to the movies AND treat them to McDonalds AND still have money left over for that….


  2. thegrouch Says:

    dals, where are you staying? there’s a whole bunch of CC’s in most neighbourhoods for only Dhs5/hour.

  3. dali Says:

    sj > AED75 is about USD20, DSL sounds painfully expensive in USA, but it sure comes pretty cheap in Singapore and at an OK price in UAE. but as usual, with all hotels, it’s daylight robbery!

    grouch > sweetheart, i’d prefer not to go to a CC unless i am absolutely desperate. CC keyboard cooties are scareh.

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