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positively technocidal February 14, 2007

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i cannot remember the last time any internet connection i hooked up to was this sloooow, but i’ve got a feeling it was back in the days of 28.8. i’m turning so mad, i am growing hairs on my ears and am skipping checking most of my mails because it takes just as long as a menstrual cycle to download all of them.

it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, and my Funny Valentine told me he’s planned a surprise date for me, but that he needs me to call Le Meridien to reserve a table.

nice going, Ravi.

and then he redeems himself by fake-claiming, “no lah, it’s a surprise, it’s a surprise.”

he probably ducked behind the file cabinets and then broke out in cold sweat when i retorted “HUM, reeeeally.”

i was thinking of nasi goreng ikan bilis with telur goreng in front of the tv. we’ve barely spent more than half an hour with each other the past few weeks, he might appreciate the nasi goreng idea.

with nothing to do here but watch animals hump each other on Wild Sex on NG and eat, i’ve ballooned at an alarming rate. a whopping 2kg, to be exact. imagine that! being able to cook and eat a lot, even when the non-stick pots and pans provided by the serviced apt here are scratched by previous gastronomically violent guests and i’m cooking in utter terror, watching the bubbles rise to the surface from the scratches and wondering why the rest of the non-stick isn’t bubbling. i get nauseating visions of parakeets and parrots falling to their deaths after inhaling fumes from overheated non-stick pans.

but for now, i am contented, just watching reruns of Desperate Housewives, lazily reading infinitives (?) from French class, unwittingly memorising NG documentaries and twirling my hair on the sofa.

i have little to complain about, and a lot i am grateful for. including that itch on my eyelid that’s gone away today. am grateful i won’t have to look like a one-and-a-half-eyed monster after all. was worried it was gonna turn into a sty, bringing back unpleasant memories of kids in school with swollen underlid beads who fanned rumours that you’d get a sty if a cockroach pee-ed into yer eye.

they were just jealous the rest of us had two functioning eyes.


2 Responses to “positively technocidal”

  1. thegrouch Says:

    remember the vicks solution 😉
    happy valentine’s day, sweets. love ya.

  2. dali Says:

    happy st valentine’s to you too, love, *muaks*

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