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lungs for sale February 7, 2007

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we’re in Abu Dhabi this entire month and i can’t complain cos i get to watch National Geographic guiltlessly the entire day. we don’t subscribe to NG at home for a host of reasons too mundane to explain. the biggest complaint i have is that i don’t get access to the Internet here until Ravi falls asleep and/or his crabby laptop co-operates. i’ve never met a technological marvel with mood swings more severe than the hot flashes the mothers of my generation are suffering from.

i’ve caught a nasty cold, not surprising considering how long i haven’t slept well. getting sick means getting to eat chocolate flavoured oatmeal cereal twice a day, dragging feet around in disposable hotel slippers and falling into bouts of narcolepsy while watching Ian Wright eat sheep testicles in the Arctic Circle. it also means i get to slow down enough to patiently read the newspapers without going ballistic over grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or worse, horrid journalism.

like this article i read only today in Gulf News dated February 3rd. “Third World organ sale. Britons risking illegal operations abroad”, it screams under the United Kingdom section. i read the article half-awake while one eye lazily skims the ever present Lindt chocolates on the bedside table when suddenly i saw S-I-N-G-A-P-O-R-E,

He remains unsure where his new lungs came from. The Singapore surgeons told him only that they had been donated by the family of a much younger man who died from an unspecified head trauma.

wait a minute. wait a fuckin minute, you dishonest bastard.

glanced at the end of the article to see that that it had originally been published in The Times Newspapers Limited 2007 – whether or not that’s a professional and trustworthy newspaper, i know not, but writing about possible suspicious organ transplants in third world countries and citing First World Singapore as its first example? and then lumping heavily regulated Singapore in the same Venn diagram as Chinese hospitals selling organs of executed prisoners to desperate buyers?

no wonder Joseph the factory worker from UK had to fork out 220K quid! because organ transplants in Third World countries like Singapore are getting so much cheaper by the day, especially when our Goods and Services Tax is going up and lungs are the next sought after item after Louis Vuitton handbags.

i don’t pretend to know anything about journalism although up till only recently, i was sure that was what i wanted to do. and perhaps idealism is my indulgence, the noxious fruit of youth and grandiose (entitled) delusion of a young adult but i’d always thought that serious journalism and bigass responsibility are one and the same.

i must still be a naive Sheila. there are after all tabloids, what serious journalism, dali, what? but no! tabloid or semi-serious journals/newspapers cannot, must not charade as serious newspapers or make mistakes as avoidable as this, to insinuate Singapore as Third World or that Singapore is in any way involved in illegal operations.

last i checked, organ transplantation in Singapore is serious business, and by that, i do not mean big, dirty money changing hands. we can’t even chew Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum so our trains can run, our streets stay clean and my jeans remain unglued to the hawker centre chair, and some ass thinks there’s widespread illegal organ transplanting to the highest (foreign/British) bidder in Singapore. the guidelines are so strict that we cannot even open up the possibility of donating unmatched available organs in Singapore to potential first-come-first-serve recipients overseas.

unless of course, i am wrong and Singapore has finally opened up the possibility of donating unmatched local organs to the long list of dying people overseas. and if this is so, it might be a good thing. and more importantly, if this is indeed so, the article would still be wrong cos it ain’t illegal or the least bit shady.

misleading. that’s what i hate. you write an article like this and you further mislead ignoramuses of the world, and in this case, the ignoramuses of UK and theq UAE. that’s just plain irresponsible and downright lazy.

this also reminds me of an article in Khaleej Times which broke down the racial flora & fauna of Singapore as Chinese, Malaysians, Indians, etc. generally, in Singapore, we do not refer to Malays as Malaysians because to be a Malaysian is to be a citizen of Malaysia, which means that even if your grandparents were immigrants from China and you are considered Chinese, you are still a Malaysian. but to make a fuss of this is to also question what it means to be “Chinese” or “Indian” in Singapore.

what does it mean to be “Chinese” or “Indian” in Singapore? does it very crudely but effectively acknowledge (for census) the fact that somewhere up the tree, your ancestors took a long and arduous journey from the Middle Kingdom or exotic India to the tiny, busy port of Singapore at the tip of the Malayan tongue? and what does it mean to be a Malay instead of a “Malaysian”? to stake your claim as one of the native inhabitants of the region while trying to remain limply disjointed from neighbouring Malaysia, from whom Singapore had separated only a few decades ago?

as far as i’m concerned, we all came from the same bowels of microbes and humanity in Africa.

but i digress. too much to say in too little time i get to spend on the Internet before our good friend Lord Laptopiien acts up again. over-and-out, see ya again when i get to wrestle the laptop away from Ravi and his Infinite Emails.


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  1. Khairil Idzwan Says:

    Where have you been cousin? 🙂

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