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nesting January 22, 2007

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i love wallpaper, wall decals and now, wall graffiti. i’m one of those people who loves soaking glass bottles/jars, peeling labels off, then reusing them. am also a very boring person who likes to label everything in preferably the same font (but in different sizes), and i hate those ugly sticker labels (p-touch?) that we used liberally in school to declare This Pencilcase Is Mine, Touch It and I Will Poke Your Eyeballs Out With My 2B Staedtler.

with Wonderful Graffiti, i can label all my glass bottles and containers beautifully and homogeneously, even make custom decals! but my favourite’s their fridge graffiti:

Wonderful Graffiti - Hello, Big Butt

Wonderful Graffiti - What, You Again?

if What, You Again? lights up each time i approach the fridge, it’ll peel off in decal suicide after just one month.

i have all kinds of ideas for the house we’ll move into in 2009 (no typo error there). i’m too stingy to decorate houses we rent and would probably cry each time i peel off a removable decal that cannot be reused. i envisage a vintage signboard over our kitchen entrance, 3D wallpaper on parts of our walls which would be impossible to maintain, a decal here and there, glass mosaic tiles, a hand-painted mural in the corner, cat-proof furniture (for that cat i will eventually successfully have) and photos, photos, photos everywhere!

my Firefox bookmark folder “Good Designs + Designed Goods” ‘s so long, it’ll probably take me as long to go through all of them as it will the construction company to build our home. our very, very small but hopefully cosy home.

i teeter on orgasmic edge just imagining home projects i can embark on before we move in, how we could then tear apart some of our current Ikea pieces and post pics of them on ikeahacker.

i fell asleep on the couch at about 0600 watching The History Channel, last i remember was watching a program about ships that go *poof* mysteriously, then reappear without their crew. the first night without Ravi is always the hardest, my mind goes into overdrive and i imagine all kinds of ridiculous monsters under the couch, behind the curtains, inside the oven and even the waterborne ones who are waiting to pull me butt-first from the potty and into the Underground World of Excrete Monsters.

i haven’t grown up much.

i know it’s illogical, but i really cannot stop myself. trying to stop it is even harder because the monsters grow more vicious in my wayward head. sleeping in the dark is out of the question when Ravi isn’t home.

when Ravi’s at home, i get backaches cos he’s a crab in bed, he moves sideways, and usually to my side, leaving me about 5 inches of breathing and moving space. until i kick or push him away. when he isn’t at home, i cannot sleep well because one light is left switched on, i sleep after sunrise, my upstairs neighbour loves rearranging chairs and dropping things, the next door neighbour wakes up to booming techno music and then, and then there are those honking morons who think tap-tap honking for every little petty thing is more effective than just one (necessary) honk.

and i actually thought closing the windows would work. after i wake up, i usually feel so drained because waking up each time someone drags a chair, whistles to Ace of Base or tap-tap honks downstairs can be very exhausting. a month ago, i’d have wanted to bake cookies for the neighbours, but 2007 brings with it new chair-dragging, techno junkie neighbours whom i am still warming up to.

Intan brought my attention to one of Nigella Lawson’s delish dessert recipes. oh, she hot. she daaamn hawt. but i’m not gonna bake with nobody to feed at home. last night, after watching The Biggest Loser, i thought to myself that tomorrow (today) would be The Day I Step Foot Into That Dark, Dark Gym upstairs. oh, i will. after i’ve gone through Tastespotting.


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  1. Hey, nice tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that person from that chat who told me to go to your blog 🙂

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