having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

as i try to keep my penthouse lids open January 21, 2007

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the house is a complete nightmare at the moment.

  • that mount of laundry has warmed the same spot on the sofa for five weeks. i hate folding and ironing clothes almost as much as skipping or running on a treadmill. fold the right in, sleeve at an angle, the left in, sleeve at an angle, bottom up, halve it again, then again, and again, and again. if i fold enough clothes, i’d be hypnotised into engaging myself in a monologue of past misdemeanours.
  • the ironing board is out so Ravi has uncreased clothes to wear in Abu Dhabi.
  • the wire stand is at the window so our clothes would dry in crisp, fresh air.
  • Ravi left today, also part of the reason why the house is in a post-typhoon state. packed one bag, tad too small, packed a perfect sized bag, it won’t close, dug another bag out of the store which just happened to be under 5 other bags which were stacked below the empty boxes of the kettle, the stand mixer and the rice cooker. now there are two open luggage bags on the living room floor.
  • coupled with the rubbish i had to throw out onto the floor from all three luggage bags that Ravi tends to forget about each time he leaves another city, the floor just looks like a mangled mess.
  • it’s a degree or two colder today, so cosy that i just cannot move from this chair. and if i do move, it’s to the sofa with my feet under the laundry. this and having slept 4-5 hours almost daily the past week, i am really, really drowsy. can’t.move.to.clean.

then i got really hungry. am so lazy, i was ready to starve myself instead of moving my ass to the kitchen. then for some reason, as i was holding my favourite toxic Maggi Curry noodles in one hand and switching on the kettle with the other, i had a lightbulb moment and decided to eat real food.

smashed garlic, bird’s eye chillies, prawns, broccoli, beef stock, cream, basil, salt, kaffir lime leaf, parmesan cheese to thicken. organic spaghetti with a thin hole running through each strand, made me feel like i was sucking straws half the time. the entire pack was in Italian. for all i know, it said “Holes in Spaghetti! So You’ll Feel Full Faster! Eat Lesser! Buy Lesser Pasta Packed in Plastic! Kill Fewer Penguins! Yahoo! Bon Giorno!”.

the only thing i understood was “Bio”.

Dinner - pasta 220107

over and out, y’all. i need to tuck my feet under the laundry and watch Boston Legal.


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