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few days like this January 16, 2007

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the one homecooked Singaporean meal i miss the most here is sambal tumis, with prawns, or quail’s eggs, or ikan bilis and peanuts, anything.

my mom, God bless her heart, knows this and sent some chilli back with Ravi so i can cook some sambal tumis. her domestic help, Inem (whom i luuuurve) had even thought to soak em, cut em, grind em, fry with onions, garlic, ground ikan bilis, sugar, salt, etc and pack the sambal in spill-proof Ziploc bags that were in spill-proof Ziploc bags that were in an airtight container. Inem’s very meticulous (and so intelligent, and so loving, and so thoughtful, and so protective, and so perceptive, had she been born in another place, she might have become a doctor instead).

dried chillies here in Dubai aren’t as sweet as the ones we can get from Malaysia or Singapore, they smell old, bitter. eating sambal tumis made of Dubaiite dried chillies will make me bitter.

i’ve started cooking a lot more and am .oh.so.proud. of myself, that finally i’ve become the cooking wife Ravi has always wanted (but never dared to ask for).

why hasn’t anyone invented a contraption where onions chop themselves up?

some people think the chopping and grinding is the fun part, is 50% of what cooking is, but when you have a disabled right arm, it can get very frustrating because i can’t even hold the knife/chopper properly. chopping with my left hand is too dangerous because i am still unable to gauge the strength of my left arm and i might chop fingers on my right hand off. so i thought i should blend the onions, garlic, ginger and store em in the freezer, like mom does, and then i go ahead and do something like get the base of the blender stuck on the glass goblet deeming my pretty blender useless after only 3x usage. like i said, it’s difficult to quantify the strength in my left arm.

we’d tried everything, putting the entire stuck goblet into the fridge, then taking it out and heating up the base from the outside ala primary school science experiment. ya know, that cold contracts and heat expands?


and why hasn’t anyone invented an egg peeler? i hate peeling eggs, especially quail eggs. but once peeled, i had to chain myself to the washing machine in case i ate the entire bowlful.

Quail egg shells

the green curry experiment a couple of days ago went so well, i decided to cook the same for Ravi (with a steadier hand on the oil bottle, so no oil slick). and stir fried broccoli because Mr Fussy doesn’t eat vegetables any other way. nor does he eat anything else other than cabbage, long beans, kangkong, kailan and broccoli. i’m betting he won’t have any of the siliq i bought, a middle-eastern green, leafy vegetable which tastes, well, like the sands of the desert – dusty. when we have kids, i’m pasting aeroplane wings on the spoons and spoonfeeding him mush peas after the kids are fed.

Dinner 160107

and tomorrow, gonna fry us some tamarind chicken wings. i usually marinade in some turmeric, onion, garlic like mom does, and apparently another friend’s mom does too, then deep fry, but this recipe looks so appealing, i’m gonna give it a go.

what is your cat personality? i’m glad to know i am a Moggie, i sure do look like Her Laziness sans grey stripes, unless you take stretch marks into account.

thanks to thegrouch, i spent a long time on threadless.com , looking for t-shirts to buy like this.

Threadless.com - splaining to do

i’ve been toying with the idea of having some wigs (this is The Wig for me) at home, they’re fun, they’re cheaper than haircuts (and straighteners and hair dyes) and you can have your hair exactly how your mood commands it to look. a friend mentioned possible scalp itch, has anyone used a wig? does it itch?

i miss having cats very much, to the point where watching Animal Planet makes me tearful. i am a wussy, or pussy, if you will. even reading an article like this breaks my heart, who’d have thought, the bubbly, enthusiastic hippo and a morose, wise and cool 130 year old tortoise? but you know, you do lose some friends when they find that boyfriend whom you happen to find annoying or just not good enough for her, and they get all infatuated with the guy until they cease to exist.



2 Responses to “few days like this”

  1. thegrouch Says:

    the green curry looks awesome without the previous oil spill. yummy!
    is your camera working again? the pics look great.

  2. dali Says:

    i think it came back to life! except no, not really, i still have to take multiple shots of any subject, it’s like the lottery, sometimes it turns out fine, most times it doesn’t. iPhoto helps improve the quality of the images with two simple clicks.

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