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of comfort rooms and not so little green men January 9, 2007

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i’d like to believe i have an open mind and an equally (if not more) open heart. i’m an aspiring geek who gets excited over pictures of Saturn’s skating rinks (rings if you will), witty and informative updates on badastronomy (although it takes me 3 weeks to digest some of the posts) but to find out there’s a little boy named Boriska living amongst us mere humans who truly believes he was a Martian in another life?

if you didn’t catch that, let me say that again, WHO TRULY BELIEVES HE WAS A MARTIAN IN ANOTHER LIFE.

oh, what do i know, for the life of me, i cannot remember if i was a cockroach or a panda in the last spindle of my karmic life. with all the craziness in the world, who am i, a 1.68m short human being to judge a Martian who used to be 7m tall?

and then, because i have an incurable need to know, know, know, not heeding the cruel adage that curious cats do eventually get hurt, i google, click link after link after link and whaddya know, suddenly i am an indigo child. or elder, adult, whatever. and just when i’ve made peace with myself as a social misfit in recent years, a has-been Martian fucks it all up for me for about 2 seconds, or in Martian time, 1/2364589th of a zekkund. Ravi had a glorious time with this piece of news, acting all freaked out whenever he annoyed me and i went “tsk”, like i’d turn him into a cabbage with a swirl, a *poof* and a *tsk*.

my friends and i used to call the Ladies the “compooort room”, a way to remember a friend’s experience in the Philippines and i thought my private nostalgic chuckle would stop at the first line of this note pasted in the compooort room of Ravi’s office building, but i was wrong. it rekindled my online affair with engrish.

Comfort Room Rules

engrish and this prevents me from devouring another box of Lindt’s Swiss Thins in record time (Ravi is leaving for Singapore on Thursday night and i ain’t followin’). you can’t resist browsing once you spot this lone English rodent picket with a heavy Peace blingbling around his neck.

Writtenonthecity - London doesnt work

and then this.

Writtenonthecity - Starbucks

all this Martian talk and great rodent shots cannot quite beat these. the creative and clever lunar shots remind me of that delirious Hey Diddle Diddle poster i grew up with, of the cow jumping over the moon and the dish absconding with the spoon – though the photographer would have a field day trying to get a cow to jump even an inch for that perfect, fantastic shot.

Pleine Lune d’août

don’t forget to flush and clean the bowl after excreting excess chemicals, y’all.


3 Responses to “of comfort rooms and not so little green men”

  1. misslionheart Says:

    Great post. Particularly like the last pic!

  2. dali Says:

    thanks! i LOVE that pic, so magical.

  3. blog Says:



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