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to aid or not to aid January 3, 2007

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note: i am no Saddam groupie and i believe one should be punished for one’s crimes but he should have been tried in a court that does not resemble a playdate with other kids at the playground. about the protests and govt. condemnations over Saddam’s execution, too little too late, you hypocritical a**holes.

unfuckinbelievable, i thought this happened only in movies! there are some people insane enough out there, other than hunky firemen and sexy cops, who’d put other people before themselves, including lying under a subway train, two inches away from death.

after successfully baking a chocolate cake for the first time last week, i got all enthusiastic and excited over the idea that perhaps now is the right time to own a stand mixer, and the Kitchenaid Artisan one in Empire Red no less, especially since it has intergalactic super powers (planetary action). i started hyperventilating when i learnt that it can be converted into a can opener, juicer, grinder, grain mill, pasta maker, sausage stuffer and ice-cream maker – with the right attachments. perfect for an under-achieving baker looking for that one more instant gratification toy to buy.

and then i saw the cost of a hypermarked up Kitchenaid stand mixer here, it is not true that electronics and appliances in Dubai are cheap, unless you compare to Europe and the rest of Middle East. if it’s duty free and shipping is not that costly in bulk (because i have worked in shipping), then there are some very contented people with bulging pockets here who do not see that their wallets could potentially split down their sides if they drop some prices down a notch. i’d still buy my laptop, camera and iPod from Singapore or Malaysia. i’ll wait till my 200th successful bake, then reward myself with a Kitchenaid stand mixer. it’s an investment, like all my soon to be bought cast iron pots and pans, right?

and these Smeg home gardens! if they did not look as spacey, i might just want them. their refrigerators are extremely, extremely sexy.

 Smeg refrigerator

if we had loads of moolah to spend, i just might be able to convince Ravi to construct a green home like this. reminds me of all those unbelievable green homes i saw on Discovery some years back – except it looks like a real home not inhabited by immigrant Martians.

now, on to more cookie recipes online, so i can reach my 200th bake quicker.


2 Responses to “to aid or not to aid”

  1. Ritardo Says:

    I don’t know about the name on that fridge

  2. dali Says:

    i thought a personalised fridge could be cool, replace Smeg with something else like personalised porsches.

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