having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

and 2007 has officially trumped 2006 January 1, 2007

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after 2 smoked salmon and cheese crackers, chicken liver pate, 3 beef vol-au-vent, 2 springrolls, 1 crabcake, half a baked potato, 1 bratwurst, salad, 2 medium-well black pepper steaks, 1 grilled prawn, 4 chicken wings, 1 bread and butter pudding, 1 pecan pie, 5 sugar almonds, 23 cashew nuts, creme de cassis/sprite (because i am trying to be good) instead of kir royale, 5 glasses of water, you’ll look as happy as a neneh bird* like me too. having friends who cook well weighs terribly on scales.

2007 1

now, he looks like a neneh bird because fruity Victoria Bitter got the better of him.

we had planned to go to Madinat Jumeirah after the clock struck twelve, but nobody moves after eating that much, nobody. the furthest all of us successfully walked was up to the roof to see several fireworks all over Dubai, including the one at Burj al Arab which we’d have seen up close had we gone to Madinat Jumeirah.

there were fireworks down the road, at Jumeirah beach –  caught this shot with my phone from Rina’s balcony. it looks like a nebula, i like.

Fireworks from Rina’s balcony

it’s 0451am, and it sure smells like a brand new year.

*neneh bird is my bird of fantasy that’s full of joy and bubbles.


4 Responses to “and 2007 has officially trumped 2006”

  1. Orni Says:


  2. thegrouch Says:

    isn’t our ability to remember what we ate and how much amazing? hehehe…
    happy new year dals! i think my potted plants ODed from all the fertilizer i gave them. they look too happy and pert, just like plastic surgery boobs.

  3. stjarna67 Says:

    the new years celebration at the stjarna family household was much more sedate. Most of us are still in some stage of recovery from chest colds. My youngest two children have perpetual runny noses, along with the chest cold PLUS my middle child has an ear infection.

    We pretty much sat around all weekend…eating leftovers or whatever was easy to put together (grilled cheese, soup, etc.)

    My wife and I have been drinking a seasonal drink called Boilo. I got a bottle of it for Christmas. It is essentially spiced (cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, etc.) alcohol (Whisky or grain alcohol). Served warm, the good versions can do wonders to keep the chilled feeling of winter at bay. The bad versions can be used to disinfect wounds or clean really stuborn stains, I suppose. Friends of the family who make good stuff were commissioned. Another use of it, of course, it to help loosen up stuffy heads and chests.

    We are beginning to feel better, but we aren’t at 100%. Glad to hear you and your hubby fared well. I hope the new year finds you and your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy.

  4. c*devotchka Says:

    mich > i burped a lot alright.

    eds > i know, it’s a paranormal ability, pigs like us remembering every morsel that left the plate. and about fertiliser, too much of a good thing can be bad. like silicone. ha ha ha.

    sj > sounds like glog! this scandinavian drink where they add spices to red wine, a finnish friend of mine spent a loooong time making it in his dirty kitchen but it was yummy, and for some reason, very, very drowse-inducing. a friend of mine used to say that if we had a cold, to dunk our heads in a bucket of ice and whiskey, an old trick, he said – i think the germans are a little bit nuts 🙂 hope your colds clear up soon!

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