having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

because it does disturb me and i do not know what i can do about it December 29, 2006

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things one should not think about at 0300am:

  • who coined the word “Islamist”, and why are psychos with IQs lower than the size of my waist charading as Muslims, branded Islamists by people who find themselves lack of better words, like hmmm, perhaps, militia?
  • why is the media calling the most unIslamic of all – militia groups and self-serving warlords – Islamists when i’d assume an Islamist to be one who truly understands what Islam‘s about? wouldn’t this subconsciously ingrain in an ignoramus’ mind that Islam is simply brimming with men who think the length of their bullet strap belts/Macho Sashes are symbolic of the lengths of their manhoods and the girth of their visceral strengths? can one not differentiate between a ridiculous travesty of Islam and Islam itself?
  • why did my chocolate cake rise so much in the middle?

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