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it’s hip to be a hippie December 27, 2006

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you know you are one step closer to Alzheimer’s when you duck from the chemical smell of Benzoyl Peroxide, and then you realise you can’t run away from it cos you have used your own fingers to apply it onto the minuscule bump on your own nose. immediately i rummage through my mental inventory of our kitchen cookware to throw out any aluminium pots and pans and realised with relief that like yesterday, and the day before, and months before that, that we mostly own cheap non-stick cookware from Ikea with scratches.

i’ve procrastinated switching to cast iron pans because believe it or not, i have not found a single cast iron cookware in Dubai. Ravi’s also been complaining about how quickly i throw things out when they are imperfected by scratches, blaming it on one of my Special Traits once more, but … but … these are scratches on non-stick pans, surely we do not want non-stick chemicals coursing through our veins unless they can help flush out unwanted toxins and flabberdeedudahday.

his eyes will widen (from vision of bank balance emptying out) when i show him Mario Batali’s beautiful cookware collection but i promise, it’s cast iron, i’ll keep ’em long enough to pass ’em along to our greatgrandkids (and no, we’re not naming our daughter Mary, sayang, unless you agree we name the boys Tilapia or Muhammad) after a long and illustrious life made possible by switching to enamel/cast iron cookware.

there are pros and cons to living in Dubai, a con would be that we do not have our very own Crate & Barrel or Sur La Table to shop online from. a con of shopping on foreign websites is that cheap bamboo utensils are marked up by 300% (after factoring in costs) just because they can, and because usually freaks like me would purchase them in order to sleep well at night – because bamboo is ecologically friendly, anti-bacterial and odour-free, among other freak-comforting reasons.

i’d successfully reached my 24th birthday because i know some of my thought trains head straight to Psycho Valley, so i am not going to buy that USD7 bamboo ladle.

but those enamel/cast iron pots and pans are a sure thing because they are too pretty to pass up and are representative of strength, dependability and durability – three sexy characteristics of a man you just cannot turn away from, not even for that cheap, non-stick(y), sexy fling with a scar(/scars) above his brow.

and if like me, your Activist gene has suddenly awoken from a jurassic lifetime of slumber, try a year of living generously. or help a few flocks of sheep cross the road to the needier side so poor people can farm/live/eat. or if it’s too revolutionary yet to give up taking carrier bags from Costco or Carrefour, or buy a t-shirt, how about just clicking on a button so someone does not go to sleep hungry tonight?

i leave you now with a picture that warmed my heart and terrorised Ravi for an entire night when i begged, again, so i can bring a stray cat home. this clawless tabbycat frightened this bear so much, he climbed a tree. Jack the cat is my 2006 hero.

NG - Cat Chases Bear Up A Tree

kudos to National Geographic for the above shot.


11 Responses to “it’s hip to be a hippie”

  1. Orni Says:

    it’s disgusting the amount of plastic bags they give to u
    sometimes i have to tell them.. stop…stop…STOP!
    too much bags.. i don’t need a bag for 2 small items.
    sometimes i just take out the bag & tell them i don’t need it. tsk tsk tsk

  2. dali Says:

    good girl! sometimes i say, i don’t need the bag, just gimme the receipt – in case the guard frisks me for stolen shampoo.

  3. misslionheart Says:

    Great blog! Thanks for visiting mine. I would love a set of this stuff


    Hubby is a chef and ruins all my pans!

  4. thegrouch Says:

    dals, ebay has some vintage cast iron skillets for sale. kononnya, those are the good ones. they look pretty anyway.
    btw, if you want to read more abt mario batali, try Heat by Bill Buford.

  5. c*devotchka Says:

    misslionheart: thanks for the link! a chef, ooooh, would i love to be married to one! but not clean up after one 🙂

    grouch: what were you doing looking at vintage cast iron skillets?! found that ikea has some enameled cast iron pots, gonna buy those. hope they’re not of inferior quality, seeing how expensive they are!

  6. misslionheart Says:

    He honestly only cooks on Christmas Day! I’m a qualified hairdresser and I therefore refuse to cut his hair unless he cooks more often…

  7. dali Says:

    misslionheart: i read that somewhere! that cooks/chefs come home and DON’T cook cos they cook the whole day!

  8. misslionheart Says:

    He doesn’t cook! He’s the boss (here and at work!)

  9. dali Says:

    misslionheart: i think a threat of a terrible mohawk haircut should be underway.

  10. misslionheart Says:

    Mmm…now there’s a thought!

  11. […] to kill foreigners slowly but surely through hours of pleasurable inhalation (compounded by their aluminium pots and pans, obesity issues, stress related disorders, environmental […]

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