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merry christmas y’all December 24, 2006

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24th December, and suddenly i feel an overwhelming urge to complete a big project, any project before the year dissolves into 2007.

i had the most expensive plate of char kway teow two nights ago, easily ten times more expensive than a plate from a hawker centre or one of those fabulous eateries on the top floor in Far East Plaza. but it was delicious, absolutely delicious, and surprisingly, could put a few Singaporean hawker centres to shame. i turned to take a look at the chefs toiling behind the glass window and i said, “aaah.” no wonder, S-E-Asian cooks. suddenly, i felt right at home. i think The Noodle House is easily one of my favourite restaurants here. they won me over with their Sumatra Chocolate & Coconut Pot, nevermind the fact i’d never heard of cocoa growing in Sumatra. apparently, they do! lifting from here, Sumatra chocolate is described as:

strong dark milk chocolate … from Asfarth in the northwest end of the Indonesian island of Sumatra with notes of wild honey and Madiera wine …

i think they meant Madeira wine.

here we are, looking contented after siew mai, beef char kway teow, chilli crab fried rice, Sumatra chocolate & coconut pot, mango pudding & vanilla ice-cream (with real vanilla, had to restrain self from licking plate).

Us at Jumeirah Bar

there are a few huge parties for New Year’s Eve in Dubai, but we were wondering if it would be cosier to celebrate with a home-burnt dinner and fruit juice or milk. the homebody Taurus feels like staying home, and i’m pretty confident Ravi would appreciate a quiet celebration at home than jostling with a few thousand people, then fighting over cabbies.

there are Christmas decorations in the malls, but we don’t hear Jingle Bells or Silent Night anywhere.

we’d like to wish you a very, very, very Merry Christmas, may all your wishes, no matter how naughty, come true.

Us at home


2 Responses to “merry christmas y’all”

  1. Merry Christmas!

    Have a ncie time!

  2. dali Says:

    merry christmas to you too, your family and your camera 🙂

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