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my two cents worth December 19, 2006

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Dear Misguided Insurgents/Terrorists,

Last evening, I found it terribly difficult to concentrate while watching Married to the Mob, and it was not just because of Alec Baldwin’s luminous good looks or Michelle Pfeiffer’s distracting perm, but because of reading that now, you have kidnapped a large number of goodwilled men and visitors at the Iraqi Red Crescent.

I do not think you kidnapped 30 men because you have just launched a Major Recruitment Drive after finding out you’re running out of insurgents to blow themselves up because they have all already blown themselves up. I think you followed orders and thought that what you were doing was right.

If only you’d take an hour to yourself, all of you, to sit down and really think about how you’re just pawns in a bigger political game. A game bigger than you or me, something we could never possibly grasp, about whose nukes are bigger than whose – but it is a game we can topple over if one by one, we took the time to see how you’re just running in circles instead of alleviating and bringing to light the very problems that pushed you over the edge and into a pool of endless stupidus neverendus.

How, I beseech thee, do you think that by kidnapping aid workers helping your people make Iraqi lives better? It is all so simple that it makes me mad, so, so mad, that you do not sit back and ask yourselves “Wait a minute, how, wait, why? Oh … but then, why?”

Can you not see, that Sunni or Shia, you are still Muslims? That you still believe in the same brand of monotheism, you believe in the same prophets, in the same miracles although you divide after Muhammad s.a.w.’s death, that there is more binding you together than pulling you apart? Gandhi did say, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Do you also forget the original meaning of jihad? Can you not see how you are playing right into the hands of Western media by glamorising and twisting the meaning of jihad to mean only holy war in over three billion people’s heads? If that itself isn’t enough for you, then think about how you are waging war against the very people you think you are fighting for. Did you forget that Islam has a strict code of honour? That you are not to strike unless you have been stricken upon, that you are not to raise a hand to those who do not have the means to fight for themselves?

A sleeping baby, a hungry mother, a struggling father and families following not far behind waiting at home for them – how do these people raise a hand against you? Do you forget how we are supposed to protect the innocents as we fight a war? I get so mad thinking how we’ve gone 1400 years ahead but 2000 years behind.

So you’re mad that your governments aren’t doing enough for you or your ethnic group, but how does senselessly performing mini genocides on a large scale actually send your children to school, provide your brothers employment and pay for your cough medicine?

If you take an hour to think to yourselves, would you see that these fights are fuelled by your need to hold on to something you can believe in, something you can fight and die for? And what if that meant a slow and arduous route to progress? Would you then make the wrong choice and join a brigade of misguided “martyrs” who have been brainwashed to fit into the mould of someone else’s crooked political agenda?

Your devotion and commitment to your fight, whatever you think it is, would be laudable if it were not so frighteningly blind and unwise. You have been given the faculty of thought from God so you can think. So, think, are you fighting for your people or are you fighting for your need to feel like you’re doing something, anything?

There is so much hate towards you today, and understandably so. I get mad when I see how each and everyone of you is contributing to the unwarranted smearing of Islam. Everytime you blow up a restaurant or a beach resort in Egypt, we move one step backwards and away from truly understanding what Islam is really about.

The basis of Islam is not fear and terror, but peace, love and forgiveness, or did they just teach you how to pick a rock up or operate an AK-47 in school? Or when you read the Koran, do you see a violent kill-all message? I know I don’t.

You call yourselves Muslims, shame on you. Everytime a bomb goes off, the voice of moderate Muslims is immediately drowned out but I cannot be impassive, because like you, I have something I believe in, and the God I believe in does not believe in your fight.

You need to turn your hand away to the actual perps, Others who charade as Muslims and you know who they are – if you only took that one hour to think to yourselves and see where the real fight lies, and find it in you to fight for what’s right.

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4 Responses to “my two cents worth”

  1. stjarna67 Says:

    That was well-written…now only if we could get the right people to read this.


  2. dali Says:

    hi sj, haha, i was just chatting with a friend about how we could steer potential terrorists from How to Build a Bigger Phallic Nuke to this post.

  3. stjarna67 Says:

    I agree there is a sense of “my missle is bigger than your missle” in all of this military posturing.

  4. […] why is the media calling the most unIslamic of all – militia groups and self-serving warlords – Islamists when i’d assume an Islamist to be one who truly understands what Islam’s about? wouldn’t this subconsciously ingrain in an ignoramus’ mind that Islam is simply brimming with men who think the length of their bullet strap belts/Macho Sashes are symbolic of the lengths of their manhoods and the girth of their visceral strengths? can one not differenciate between a ridiculous travesty of Islam and Islam itself? […]

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