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in the spirit of Christmas December 16, 2006

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i’ve gotten increasingly frustrated that some Larger Cosmic Universal Energy is preventing me from accessing Santa Claus’ town’s website at www.northpolealaska.com, yes, North Pole. don’t pretend you’re not interested to take a look at a toy town with an overworked postal office run by elves filtering through letters from naughty children pretending to be nice, and streets lined with lamp posts that look like candy canes. perhaps Santa Claus is on UAE’s censorship board’s chopping block like youtube once was.

Site blocked

the above message is potent enough to crush spirits like mine, especially since i surf only educational websites like how to enlarge boobs with silicone gel in your own garage. we rejoiced with a lot of ice-cream the day we found out by accident that the online ban of youtube had been lifted and proceeded to scour the internet for Borat clips and Daily Show jibes at George Bush. we weren’t the only ones, even a magazine here, TimeOut could barely contain themselves and published the same finding a few weeks later, repressing the 20 exclamation marks they really wanted to print after yahoo.

we saw a few fresh fir trees being wheeled into Spinneys a few days ago and Ravi proceeded to embarrass me by bending over and stuffing a leafy needle up his nose, believing this is the one way one can truly enjoy a real fresh coniferous tree – or he just really needed a tissue. i’ve always publicly declared Ravi as a religiously confused man, born into a Hindu family, surrounded by hubble bubble Christians, then married into a pseudo hala-hula-masyallah Muslim family (sans my brother and i). i’m not very sympathetic though and proceeded to confuse him further by asking if he wanted to bring one of those trees home. as usual, for Ravi, the defining point was the cost of the tree. never thought i’d marry a man for which Capitalism is God. don’t think he grew up thinking he’d marry someone who thinks Cacao is God either.

being part Indian and married to one myself, i can’t see why this clip isn’t funny, although a very, very, very hurt poor little Indian man did make his feelings very clear on the comments section of this clip.

this clip got me singing “and a totally insufficient do-wow-ry” and “peesaravanmuthu doubledeckerbus” in the shower.

Demeter Fragrance Library also has Eau de Snow, what does that smell like, the frost at the back of the fridge? and Tord Boontje‘s got some fantastic stuff up on Target. don’t you want someone who designs things like these …

Tord Boontje - Dondola

Tord Boontje - Sweetie

… to design affordable dinnerware for you like these on Target too? i can almost feel those vines on my tongue.

Target - Tord Boontje collection

i want a dondola (that gorgeous hanging seat), beats my Fatboys anyday.

if like me, you love rain, you’ll find these glass raindrops are great for christmas trees and a million other things around the house (and my ears).

Glass raindrops

i’m no coffee drinker, but i’m taken by this coffee press set. Rare Device also sells a very lovely teapot, all in a lovely shade of turquoise (and other colours).

Coffee Press Set

Zen teapot

enough of material pursuits, i must now have my dose of fiery lesbianic verbal combustions and watch The View.


2 Responses to “in the spirit of Christmas”

  1. stjarna67 Says:

    Hmmmm. I think I will start by saying that while I do have an artistic eye when it comes to desiging a room; I am not sure that I would include the stuff that looks like seaweeds. Aesthetically, I can see the pattern as being able to break up visual straight lines in any room.,,and it could add a splash of any color to compliment the design, too. However, I wonder of its functionality. Would someone get tangled while sitting in it? I think it would be hard to visit with friends if they were tangled in the fashion equivalent of Spiderman’s web.

    Coffee? I love coffee. Let’s just say your relationship to chocolate is much like my relationship with coffee.

  2. haha, i did think of that – i think it’s more practical as a showroom decorative item than on actual overused sofas. but i would LOVE to hang those on the walls – especially if they’re machine washable.

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