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eccentric manifestations of the wildly imaginative December 13, 2006

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it’s things like these that tell me i need Ravi in my life. i’ve been bitching for days about our 5 months old rice cooker that doesn’t work anymore. i was so bummed that our rice cooker didn’t work, and threw some rice/water in the microwave. Ravi came back, saw the dishes, then asked about the rice and i said, the darn thing won’t work.

he checked it out – the electrical cable was not attached to the rice cooker.

he chuckled, said, “bodoh, write about this on your blog.”

and this is why Ravi is my perfect spouse for life. not only does he show me i’m stupid, he repeats it verbally.

i love finding that one perfect accessory, or that one perfect pair of shoes that i will use till it wears out. an ex-colleague once asked why i wore my favourite pair of shoes till the sole flapped lightly in the wind, “i love it too much to let it sit on a rack.” when it rots, i even buy a new pair of the same thing if i can find it. sometimes, these items can be a steal at less than $50, but more often than not, the things i feel i must have for the very health of my being are a little pricey.

love this ring, how do these guys come up with these stuff? if i could sprinkle magic dust over it and offer a kiss to Little Frosch each time i needed Ravi, i’d empty both our bank accounts. when Ravi saw me gushing over this, he only asked matter-of-factly, “how much is that going to cost me?” not a dime, love – that little crown’s gonna get stuck in my hair and my clothes.

Little Frog

the weeks i’d spent looking for the perfect wedding ring design, something similar to this came up on the drawing board, but i opted for something more stable instead – there are few things more upsetting than losing an expensive rock. and i’d get obsessive about cleaning between the gap.


pretty things hurrah! and Mr Douglas Little, modern alchemists and purveyors of curious goods is just full of it. at one point of time, i’d stopped blogging because i wanted to go back to e-mailing, i found it more personal between friends. a few years ago, we were still sending letters and writing letters to each other, i’d start that again if i had a pretty box like this. there’s something incredibly sensual about the curves and the visual of age makes me feel that i can only write wise letters if i stored stationery in this box.

Correspondence box

we’re trying to make a smooth transition to organic living. and there were some nice surprises. Whole Earth Foods makes the best, and i mean, the best Cocoa Crunch cereal in the world. i tried not to finish the entire box the same day i opened it.

Whole Earth Cocoa Crunch cereal

and i had no idea that organic sugar-free vanilla yoghurt slides over your tongue like silk and tastes this good. creamy wholesome goodness.

but not all was good though, i asked the Organic Foods & Cafe staff for fabric softener, and he pointed out a tub of softener to me. after 5 minutes of reading the label together, we couldn’t figure out how to use it, but i said, nevermind, i’ll figure it out. when i got home, it occurred to me, that the tub of white powder is a water softener, not fabric softener.  suddenly all that kalktalk on the label made sense. and then i was annoyed, what the hell am i gonna do with a whole tub of water softener when i have laundry to do?

perhaps liberally sprinkle it all over Dubai, Christmas is coming.


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