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being overly confident about being fat December 5, 2006

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i keep making the same mistake with regards to cold cities.

the weather guys are saying it’s 14 – 22°C, what they don’t tell you is how sharply the wind cuts and how the freezing weekend rain imprisons you inside your hotel room watching Oprah, The View and Martha, and re-runs of Oprah, The View and Martha. the weekend rain caused floods in some cities in UAE, they don’t quite have an extensive drainage system because it doesn’t rain 355 days a year.

i brought two pairs of tights, one shawl and some other stuff including two sleeveless dresses including a cheongsam. i’m gonna have to remove the part of my brain which believes keeping one’s legs warm also keeps one’s arms warm. very much like how i travelled around Rajasthan without as much as bringing a single long-sleeved shirt, jacket or shawl when it was 12°C and dropped to 10°C when you’re whizzing around in those little three-wheeled tuk-tuks. also very much like how i brought one whole jacket to stay with my aunt outside of Frankfurt when it was 2 – 5°C and was forced to wear her ivory stockings under my pants.

having fed myself so well all my life, i’d have thought my fat cells could have performed a little better. like those Russian women who enjoy dipping themselves towards hypothermia in subzero lakes. my nipples would drop off in subzero Russian lakes.

invested in a cardigan which does not match ¾ of my wardrobe and thanked God we didn’t stay in a place with extreme temperatures or i’d be fussing over how few practical things match anything else aesthetically. practical beautiful things also cost $200 more than anything else.

but then again, if i lived in a place closer to the South Pole, i might be able to see these penguins protest against Santa a little more intimately and invite them over for hot chocolate.


i love penguins. i love their waddle. i cried watching March of the Penguins. Ravi cried too, but out of regret for trusting i’d bought tickets to a movie with actual humans moving across the screen.

i’d asked for a pet penguin twice but Ravi told me about the bills we’d have to pay with a giant freezer and icy slides. besides, they should remain in the wild.

i’m enamoured by this cracked cabinet. i’m no kid, but it makes me want to be a rich kid – cos this cabinet costs a whopping $4500.

Cracked Cabinet

dropping Celsius points driving me to daily hibernation indulges. for someone who hates afternoon naps, i’ve been unable to control the urge of 2 hour naps these days. i feel very, very naughty.


4 Responses to “being overly confident about being fat”

  1. thegrouch Says:

    naps are delicious!

  2. stjarna67 Says:

    I would have to agree with thegrouch. Naps are gifts of the Gods. Unfortunately, I have not had a nap, nor have I been able to sleep in like I used to. I wake up for work at 6 am during the week, and my kids are usually up by 7-7:30 am..which means I am usually up. I try to let my wife sleep in, since she wakes up at 5 am during the week.

  3. stjarna67 Says:

    Oh, if you live in a place that gets really cold; you will eventually lose the will to match clothing and will end up going for what keeps you the warmest. One of the best inventions is fleece pants. Those things keep you toasty…and are great for lounging around in…especially with a baggy t-shirt.

  4. you’re absolutely right, D, i should succumb and enjoy these naps before the kids, dogs and in-laws come along!

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