having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

go Sessa! November 25, 2006

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being the daughter my father so craved for years, i was spoilt rotten with food in the early years of my life. sweet toothed, i got every candy, every chocolate, every biscuit. have always been between 5 -10% overweight since the age of 9.

it was easy to keep fit in school, somehow always aced physical tests. but when i started working, all of that flew out the window. you get derailed by clubbing, vegetating on the sofa, spending hours at coffeeshops with friends.

once in a while, i’d enter the Gym phase where i’d overpay for underutilisation at a club. so it’s very inspiring to see Sessa the dog losing 30lbs. if she can do it, hell, any of us should be able to do it. the Arizona Humane Society saved Sessa from an irresponsible (and bloody stupid) owner who fed her beer and doughnuts amongst other ridiculous foods. she was so heavy, she couldn’t stand up and rolled around in her own excrement. here’s Sessa on the underwater treadmill – she has her own blog on her weight loss progress here.

Sessa on treadmill

cruel pet owners should be punished, punished, punished.


2 Responses to “go Sessa!”

  1. linn Says:

    Hi Dali! I got your link from Ms Grouch 😀 Thought I drop & say hello!

  2. dali Says:

    why, hello there LINN! welcome! 🙂

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