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immortality in a mushroom November 22, 2006

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we reportedly spend a third of our lives sleeping. insomniacs sure don’t live more by staying up longer – but here’s something we can all count on to live just a little longer.

1up mushrooms ala Super Mario brothers!

1up Mushroom

oh, the days i used to curl up in the backseat of the car staring intently into my Gameboy speeding through 1up shrooms and killing fire breathing dragons. these days i just jump onto couches screaming at cockroaches.

growing up does that to you – it turns you into a hysterical screaming adult when faced with cunning little cockroaches. you no longer roll up a thick bunch of newspapers and run after panicked cockroaches screaming “COWAAABUUUNGA!”.

and no, they won’t survive nuclear holocausts. before you feel pleased that these little muthaf***as do eventually die, they follow you around by sensing your vibrations, honey. i know they’re important in our ecological make-up – i just don’t want to see them.

talking about total environmental elimination, i’ve been looking for places i can dump our glass jars/bottles, aluminium cans and newspapers for recycling.

Dubaiites just aren’t too environmentally conscious. either that or there just isn’t enough effort being put into raising awareness about environmental concerns – some Coke/Sprite is sold in glass bottles here and we have no idea where to return these empty bottles to, or if they can be recycled at all. have dropped a mail to an environmental NGO based here, hoping that unlike Bosch UAE who never replied to my email about where i can download a product manual for our oven (after days of fruitless googling), that they will tell me where i can bring bags of bottles and cans to.

Dubai is very cosmetically clean – but make no mistake about it, there are probably twice as many people cleaning after those who litter. littering is one of several habits i absolutely despise. it’s a reflection of absolute disrespect, total disregard and selfishness.

if you want to smoke – put it out properly and dispose of it in bins. if you want to unwrap that cigarette box/breathmints, how difficult is it to walk to one of numerous bins to throw that small plastic wrap away? we have legs, don’t we?

there are times when you just cannot find a bin. unless it’s a dripping sanitary pad or a radioactive plastic bag and you’re stuck on Everest, i do not see how holding on to it a little longer till you find that bin is going to be detrimental to your very being.

and 75% of these blistering idiots are the same people who feel sad about seals, birds, dolphins and turtles choking on condoms and bottle caps.

i knew someone once who smoked like a chimney, talked about politics and argued about the lack of democracy this and that, and talked of the irony of Confucianism in Singapore – but could not see why littering is such a bad thing, because you know, dali, there are people who are paid to clean up after us.

and that was just on litter. talking about religion, racial divide, history and humanity with people like these make me wonder …

… where in today’s supposedly advanced world of books, education, paper chasing … have … have we gone so, so wrong?


4 Responses to “immortality in a mushroom”

  1. dick small Says:

    Under Leave a Comment it says welcome back dick small. Did I post here before??? Now I’m ALL confused..

  2. dali Says:

    no, you haven’t posted here before, but the cosmic waves of the universe has swept you here for a greater purpose šŸ™‚

  3. stjarna67 Says:

    Cockroaches are nothing compared to rats. Rats suck.

  4. dali Says:

    unfortunately i find rats furry and cute with their beady eyes and pink tails.

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