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every single cent November 17, 2006

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i almost broke my arm in the tub today.
close friends know that i’m obsessive about scrubbing because i have a sebum-happy face and keratosis pilaris on arms, thighs and when God feels like punishin’ me, my bottom. mom says her keratosis pilaris disappeared somewhere in her 20s.

i’m still waiting.

i like brushes, loofahs, anything short of steel wool for scouring pots. St. Ives’ apricot facial/body scrub is my absolute favourite, but once in a while, i black out, my good sense falls asleep and i purchase a $70 scrub.

so i squeezed a healthy dollop of Le Scrub onto my wet palm and attempted to screw the cover back on. i’ve done this a million times, but today, Naughty Dollop decided to take a ride and slide off my wet palm onto the already well scoured bathtub.

and in a bagazahillionth second, i performed a miraculous acrobatic feat with full participation from unwilling arms, wrists, fingers and elbows – to catch Naughty, Naughty Dollop in mid air below chest level. had Ravi been watching, his toothbrush would have fallen out of his frothy mouth and into the sink in awe of my ability to perform a superquick exotic wet dance, and then pretend that nothing happened like as though someone was watching.

i’m switching back to St. Ives because i’ve already spent half my life with my right arm in casts and slings and i don’t need another lifetime of that.

but what is all this in the face of impending world doom? NASA’s looking for astronauts/robots to nudge possible Earth-bound asteroids into the far reaches of space. i knew this day would come – this is the only reason i’ve watched Armageddon 5 times and cried every single time Bruce Willis pushes Ben Affleck back into the pod then goes out on a suicide mission to manually detonate the nuclear bomb.

and of course – Liv Tyler. man, she’s hot.

but on a lighter note, i might have found a solution to my maternal need to keep a pet without getting kicked out of the house. everybody, meet Pleo.


Pleo’s a scaley bundle of joy that’s come back from the bottomless abyss of extinction to bring happiness, love and world peace to us wayward humans. as usual, click on the picture to go to the website for more information, and here’s where you can see a video of Pleo putting his right hand in, putting his left hand out, and wagging his tail all about.

GITEX 2006 is here in Dubai and i’m thinking, hey, i can finally get that all-in-one HP printer and scan all my pictures, organise ’em, then hide ’em all away neatly into little cardboard boxes. my 3 year old Powershot’s still doing pretty good – i will refrain from buying a digital SLR.


One Response to “every single cent”

  1. thegrouch Says:

    omg, pleo is the cutest thing ever.

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