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my obsession with Lost November 16, 2006

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i love t-shirts.

a lot.

but i stop short at t-shirts with sex positions cos they are not entertaining/funny/etc. or t-shirts with McShit on them cos there just isn’t enough McWit in them at all.

though i must confess there was this one shirt with caricatures of the Male Organ bitching about the wretched live it leads that was so hilarious i wanted to pat it out of pity.

i’d like to think that i have a sense of humour, but i know this t-shirt is in such poor taste that it’s sad to imagine it could fly off the shelves. and it’s a *featured* t-shirt on the site.

Crocodile Hunter Hunter tshirt

humour helps us deal with pain – but to trivialise the death itself, or even profit from it is something i cannot comprehend. maybe i missed the capitalism train, perhaps i’m just anal or it could just be that i love(d) steve irwin.

i hope the sales bomb because people have (at the very least) an iota of respect for the mourning family and some bloody sense of decency.

go make more shirts with sex positions and think of McWittier shirts.

the 6th episode of Lost season 3 aired in USA last week. i had no idea whatsoever that Lost would be taking a break till february, february!!!

oh, the excruciating pain of anti-climaxes.

the morphine of reading spoilers online is absolutely gratifying – but the thirst is insatiable. i research like a thesis is due next week. i even found a note that apparently a Lost producer was more than happy to reply to (there are Lost fans out there who are even more psychotic than i, and this brings me great relief). i cannot vouch for the authenticity, and to be honest, in my hysterical moment of disbelief (over eternal break till episode 7) i forgot which crazed Lost website i downloaded this from.

Lost note

oh, what will us Losties latch on to for the next few months?

perhaps an “I am Lost” t-shirt.


2 Responses to “my obsession with Lost”

  1. Dude who prefers to be called Dude Says:

    That t-shirt design is a poor copy of the original. I’m an Australian and the original was designed by a well know local artist. It is much better and a cult design in Australia. It was designed by visual effects genius Nathan Hallifax. He has worked as a designer on King Kong, Lord of the Rings, Matrix, Farscape, even the fucking wiggles. His Artwork has been used on some really famous books in this country. He is also a well known Lounge Singer! Go Figure. Rolling stone have written an article about him. Don’t beleive me… Google him. Check out subversitee.com They put his designs on t-shirts.

    I think you might understand his humor.

  2. dali Says:

    hi dude from dudeland, thanks for the tip. am loving the Game Over t-shirt 🙂

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