having my Cake, eating it – and not counting every last calorie

if i gave in to the hedonist in me November 16, 2006

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So You Think You Can Dance was on tv last night – i feel so good about myself that i am nowhere as delusional or fame-crazy as half the people who audition at reality shows like American Idol. i can spend hours on youtube watching videos of Bush, Borat and Idol-wannabes and Ravi’d think Robin Williams moved in, what with all that hysterical rolling on the cold floor that this desert inhabitant does.

and my all time favourite has got to be this guy from Malaysian Idol. can always count on the little geek from small towns who look as innocent as the next kid to have an extended vocabulary of dialect swear words and well concealed homicidal tendencies behind straight-A reportcards.

i’m an aesthetics ho. but not the “cultured” kind. i love anything pretty, even things that World Usability Day would frown on. i prowl the Internet for goods that would look oh so pretty on our shelves, our selves – and make for good dust collectors. but i don’t buy most of them, fantasising fills me up just as well as a warm cup of low-fat cocoa does.

as we live a life of ease, everyone of us has all we need, sky of blue and sea of green, in our yellow submarine.

and lucky me i can live on my floating castles for i can’t afford what some Dubaiites apparently own. unlike the Beatles, these Dubaiites believe that a sky of blue and a sea of green just ain’t enough, honey, and got their very own yellow submarines! i shudder to think of the barcoded price tag attached to this pretty toy fit for three named Goby. she looks helluva lot like those floating tugboats i dunked into red buckets of water when i was a kid. and they cost only five dollars. betcha Goby’s got lots of 0,0,0s behind that five.

Exomos Submersible

my hydrophobia and fear of all things swimming in the open sea would see me boosted into the Milky Way instead if i were a gazillionaire. never, ever, ever let your kids watch Jaws – they’ll never look at a swimming pool the same way ever again.

but for now, i’d rather dig into my shallow pockets to purchase a ferris wheel for my shoes. nothing like spinning your very own ferris wheel round and round and round on quiet days.

Rakku Shoe Wheel




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