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cows in my stomach and flies in the urinal November 15, 2006

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cows of the Gulf are potent creatures.

i have not recoiled this many times in inflated pain from ingesting local milk before. i believe i have also contributed more than my personal dose of greenhouse gases in five months here than all of my 24 years in Singapore.

i’d like to think i live life dangerously. and what better example of living dangerously than eating large amounts of cheese, gulping down gallons of milk and savouring Banoffee flavoured yoghurt everyday when you are severely lactose intolerant?

why do we hold our breaths and suck in our tummies before The Fart? this is another Mystery of Life we can add to the book of “Why Can’t We Keep Our Eyes Open When We Sneeze?”

yesterday was World Usability Day. going by the thousands of men who pee indiscriminately and purposefully on museum stairs, i guess a little target practice wouldn’t hurt. the fly in this urinal was positioned strategically to encourage men to, well, bloody aim – for minimal splashback. something women won’t ever have to worry about other than the splashUP from potties when moving our bowels.

Fly in Urinal

take it a notch up – so go forth and ask, how can i make myself more useful today?


One Response to “cows in my stomach and flies in the urinal”

  1. […] i’m an aesthetics ho. but not the “cultured” kind. i love anything pretty, even things that World Usability Day would frown on. i prowl the Internet for goods that would look oh so pretty on our shelves, our selves – and make for good dust collectors. but i don’t buy most of them, fantasising fills me up just as well as a warm cup of low-fat cocoa does. […]

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